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Mobile Game Developers For Hire: USA, India, Or Ukraine

Mobile game creators from what country are better: Ukraine, USA, or India? Let’s find it out with one of the best mobile game development company in the USA.

In A Nutshell Of Unity Engine

A decade ago the development of 2D and 3D game apps for different platforms was a daunting task. It was seen as a time, effort, and money-consuming process that imposed a real challenge on developers. Luckily, the Unity launch in 2005 turned the table upside down. Currently, Unity is the leading video game engine and so much more than that. This is the world’s best real-time development ecosystem and a dynamic community of developers from around the world. Let’s find it out with one of the best mobile game development company in the USA.

Unity Mobile Developers Rates

The country is the major determinant in the formation of the salary. Mobile game developers in the USA are paid more than developers in Eastern Europe or a range of Asian countries. Let’s compare the rates of mobile developers from the USA, India, and Ukraine. 

When speaking of the USA, it’s a state that also plays a huge role. The average Unity developer hourly wage in California is the highest, approximately $75. The citizens of North Carolina get the lowest wage of $40 per hour. An average annual IT engineer salary in the US is $92,680. 

Unity Indian game creators can boast of an average salary of $10.000 annually. Ukrainian specialists earn on average $28,800. At the beginning of their career, developers get $15.00, while senior developers earn $43.800. 

Unity programmers’ salaries are high enough to encourage mobile game creators to perform their work flawlessly. No matter where the professionals reside, they receive a competitive salary that’s several times higher than the usual wage in their motherland.

Although the wages and salaries differ from country to country, it doesn’t mean that developers from a particular region have poorer skills than those from another region. It’s more about the country’s level of development and economic stability. If the average salary in India is lower than in Ukraine, it’s because of the competitiveness of the market and the number of specialists. 

What Country Has The Best Game Developers For Hire?

If your company is going to develop games for the iOS and Android platforms, hiring a professional is a must. Unity programmers for hire are the experts who can guide you on every stage of the game development lifecycle. 

Don’t hurry to opt for US mobile game creators. Not only the competitive well-paid US market offers classy specialists to hire.  Together with mobile development, companies felt a strong need for overseas developers. Enterprises have a plethora of options for classy foreign mobile game developers to hire.

As we said, the highest price is not always about the ultimate and incomparable quality. It’s about the living standards of the country where developers reside. Remote working is an integral part of the modern IT world. Mobile game developers from India and Ukraine are highly appreciated in the mobile game development industry. India has more than 2 million game developers to offer. At the same time, India’s game creators charge less than the programmers from the other two countries.

Nevertheless, it’s Ukrainian mobile game developers that top the list. Hiring game creators from this country has 100 +1 benefits and so let’s have a look at the major ones:

  • Attractive prices and fees: in Ukraine, you can get more quality for less money;
  • Ukraine is a European – thinking country;
  • Ukrainian developers never compromise with the quality;
  • Safe money transfer;
  • Ukraine has more compatible with Western culture;
  • Ukrainian developers are famous for their uncompromised honesty about your project;
  • Developers from Ukraine communicate English well since they’re mainly oriented on the Western market;
  • Ukrainian mobile game developers are constantly mastering their skills;
  • Ukraine has a great potential of the workforce.

Mobile Game Developers By Rexsoft

The mobile game development market has faced significant growth and it’s not about to stop. Rexsoft company has a whole team of skilled game creators who can assist in every stage of mobile game development. Thanks to an impressive portfolio of more than 100 successful projects, the company can boast of high quality and excellent functionality of applications that run flawlessly on iPhone, Android smartphones, PC, and etc.

Rexsoft has a team of golden employees from around the globe including Ukrainian developers. Well-trained and oriented on the Western market, they are willing to discuss and implement your craziest mobile game ideas. Make your game successful with top Ukrainian game creators by Rexsoft.



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