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Magento SEO Audit: Optimize your store to boost your sales

Have you noticed a drop in traffic or even too little growth for visitor acquisition thanks to natural referencing and are you looking for the ideal action plan to increase your turnover?

An e-commerce site is by nature much richer in internal links than a blog. The nature of the links itself changes compared to a blog, in particular through the use of product highlighting blocks, facets, and the ephemeral aspect of certain content. For example, managing breadcrumbs on Magento is much more complicated than it seems.

Having more visibility on the Internet is essential to sell more. Your Magento store is operational, do you want to boost your sales?

Find on this page the most common solutions to optimize the visibility of your Magento store. Carry out a complete Magento audit of your Magento e-commerce store to improve its natural referencing and also increase your sales.

Launched in 2008, the Magento platform was bought by the giant Adobe to complete its E-Commerce offering. Magento is one of the leaders in the creation of merchant sites. Magento gives e-retailers the means to boost their productivity thanks to new tools. These tools integrated into Magento allow e-retailers to offer a better purchasing experience to their customers. Several actions are possible to improve the SEO of your Magento store. Here are the actions:

Optimize the media budget


– Define specific objectives


– Define an action plan


– Analyze expenses


– Focus on what works best


– Diversify channels


Improve your site


– Optimize loading time


– Optimize page content


– Structure your site


– Pay attention to the tags


– Avoid duplicate content


Define specific goals

Determining your goals is an essential step. Some questions are fundamental: Why are you launching this campaign? What is the objective of your campaign (awareness, performance, etc.)? Who is your core target? Is it worth it?

Define an action plan

Based on the objectives, draw up your action plan. Specify the list of media, then the media selected as well as all your actions, and plan them.

Analyze expenses

Is your budget being spent too quickly? Or the contrary? Don’t hesitate to readjust your strategy with the results of your analyses.

Focus on what works best

What worked? What went wrong? Optimize your budget by focusing your efforts on actions that work!

Diversify channels

Focus on channels that match your targets. Just focus on your targets!

Optimize loading time

Several factors can be the cause of your Magento store slowing down. One of the main reasons is the weight of the page which mainly comes from images or installed plug-ins.

Optimize page content

Use keywords and synonyms in the content of your pages, the content should also be visually appealing and easy to read.

Structure your site

The structure of your store should be organized logically. This way, your visitors and Google will better understand your store and find what they are looking for.

Pay attention to the tags

Also, take care to structure your text in the code using “hn” tags and to complete tags such as meta description or alt.

Create external links

Obtaining quality backlinks for your site has the effect of increasing its popularity and visibility.

The importance of a good strategy

Have you tried different methods as well as free audits without success? Have you decided to carry out SEO optimizations yourself? For example, optimize loading time. These small actions to carry out take time and what’s more, they have to be repeated over time! This is why it is necessary to carry out real SEO monitoring to measure the improvements made over time.

A measurable SEO strategy

Web referencing is only of interest if it improves your business. How to measure the impact of your SEO actions on your business? You need an SEO dashboard that allows you to evaluate the strategy throughout its deployment to focus your efforts on what works.

Mastering the competition

Your competitors are part of the external environment of your site. After an internal SEO audit of your Magento store, it is necessary to study the strategy used by your opponents. Look at their site, the content, and the keywords, to benefit from it!

Valued work

The work carried out during the Magento SEO audit will be used to optimize the SEO of your Magento store, but also to implement other actions. You can reuse these elements to, for example, set up an Ads campaign or create new articles using the keywords found.

Finally, don’t take SEO lightly!

SEO is a full-time job. Certain actions can take a long time and worse, it is possible to spend time on futile optimizations! Thanks to our unique working methodology, don’t waste any more time, entrust your SEO to Magento experts. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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