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Luxury Kitchens

Are you tired of that dull, old kitchen of yours and want to transform it into a luxurious kitchen? If that is a yes, then your search ends here. The kitchen is the heart of the house and no doubt the most expensive room to maintain. In this case, giving your kitchen a luxurious makeover might be a tough row to hoe but why fear when we are here. Being the best kitchen company in Dubai, we can understand all your hurdles in the way of making your kitchen luxurious within a budget. This article is a good pick for getting to know the tips and ideas to remodel your kitchen into a modern luxurious kitchen. 

Tips to give your kitchen a luxurious makeover:

As we all know, any task can be nearly difficult but can never be impossible. And so is this issue of yours. Turning your old traditional kitchen into a luxurious modern kitchen can be a piece of cake if you follow some of the tips below. For more latest designs and remodeling ideas for your kitchens, you can visit our page to see the best kitchens in Dubai.

  1. Shift to a different color palette:

When you enter a kitchen, the thing that has a considerable impact is the colour and pattern of the kitchen. If you have your kitchen painted any odd colors, it’s your time to make a move and shift to subtle and royal shades. Use the colors like cream and beige to give your kitchen a royal and luxurious vibe. The question may arise about how color can transform the kitchen? The answer is simple first, by giving it a new look, and secondly, by adding a glance of beauty and vibe. If you have a classic kitchen, add light and subtle colors reflecting elegance and luxury and if you own a modern kitchen, go with a bold color palette like black and grey, which complements all kitchen features. Don’t forget to add a hint of white in either color, which significantly impacts the space and reflects light. If you are not ready to paint the kitchen entirely, go with the cabinets and other complementary appliances.

  1. Upgrade the lighting:

Lighting is the main thing to focus on while remodeling your kitchen or even any room of your house. A dull light can make the prettiest thing look horrible, and to make your kitchen look luxurious; you need to upgrade your lighting system. You can upgrade your lighting system while sticking to a budget in many ways. Besides that one main light, add led light bars under your cabinets; better lighting helps in better cooking. If not the led light bars, then under cabinets rope lights can give your kitchen a luxurious look. Just by investing a little. Why not give your kitchen a dramatic turn by installing a flush mount fixture like drum lights with decorative details? Or even a dramatic chandelier can work well. It would give your kitchen an expensive restaurant-like finish, and who does not want an appreciable kitchen? Other options like pendant lights, puck bulbs, in-cabinets lights, and cabinet uplighting can also be an excellent way to complement the aesthetics of your kitchen, making it more luxurious than before.

  1. Give a touch of marble:

Marble and its royalty are a yes to the debate on kitchen remodeling. Marble not only gives a kitchen a luxurious look but also gives an aesthetic vibe. If you are remodeling your kitchen completely, we suggest getting marble countertops. If you are not willing to get entire flooring and marble countertops, just go for a shortcut by adding hints of marble to your kitchen. You can use marble tiles for the backsplash and give your kitchen an iconic look; you can use pieces of marble as show pieces and elements that complement your kitchen. Give your kitchen a new look by adding marble to your baking area and making it more luxurious. A marble waterfall counter can never go wrong in a luxurious kitchen. Just convince yourself to get the marble into your kitchen, and you will not get over it. The bar, mount countertop, flooring, cabinets, and backsplash can all be remodeled by the marbles, and you will be stunned to see how luxurious it looks.

  1. Upgrade your sink, floor, and dishes too:

The most neglected things in remodeling the kitchen are the floors, sinks, and dishes. We usually don’t consider them to be changed with time, and over the years, they become dull and nearly of no use. If you have a reasonable budget, go for changing the dull wooden floors into tiles or marble. It looks classier and gives a luxurious finish to your kitchen. If not a fundamental change, grab a paintbrush and vinyl linoleum; relax. That’s not poison but good floor paint and paint it all for a new look. For sinks, try to get an excellent modern sink this time; it would be a bit pricy but won’t let you down. By upgrading the sink, you will probably feel like a star while doing dishes. Change your crockery completely. Remove all the mismatched and old broken plates and bowls and go for new dishes, either subtle or with a pop of colors. It all depends on you. You can go for a marble dinner set to complement your marble countertop or a floral patterned plastic dinner set. Either would go well and would add a luxurious vibe to your kitchen.

  1. Add details and highlights:

The last tip for you guys in this article would be the details and the highlights. Find the joy of adding sparkles of details and highlights to your kitchen, and it will automatically look like an expensive luxurious top kitchen. What can make your kitchen glamorous are minor details and a pop of attention. You can add mirrors, pretty vases, rugs or carpets, stuffed fruits as show pieces, a set of chairs, frames, beautiful jars and containers, wall hangings, and this list may carry on. Another thing that will make your kitchen look glamorous and luxurious is cleanliness. No matter how luxurious your kitchen is, it is not worth it if it is not clean.


Luxury is where you are. You don’t need to feel complexed seeing other’s houses of glass. What you can do is to make a few changes in what you have to present luxuriously. To conclude, we would say that by following the above tips, you can probably make your kitchen look luxurious and glamorous. The key is to stick to your budget and find alternatives. We hope you find this article handy and worth reading.




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