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Kenwood Radios – Background, Products, and NEXEDGE

Kenwood is a Japanese consumer electronics company. Its products include amateur radio equipment, cellular phones, speakers, and audio equipment. As of October 2011, Kenwood is owned by JVC Kenwood. For more information, please see the following. Listed below are a few of its products: Background, Products, NEXEDGE, and Compatible models.


In the late 1990s, the Kenwood Corporation made a splash in the two-way radio market. While its early products were of questionable quality, the company steadily improved its products. The company partnered with Raycom, and in the process became a leader in UHF LTR radio technology. While Motorola was the original two-way radio company, Kenwood soon overtook the company as the most widely used two-way radio system. The company also specialized in high-fidelity electronic components and amateur radio equipment.

KENWOOD’s products include everything from amateur radio equipment to professional digital radio equipment. The company has also developed radios specifically for public safety applications. These radios were even installed in the former Soviet Union space station MIR. This equipment provided the station with packet communications and SSTV services.

Products Offered

Kenwood radios are known for their advanced technology, sharpness, and quality. They push the limits of radio technology and set new standards in business communication. Their full line of communications equipment and software solutions offer a complete, multifunctional solution. In 1949, the company received an approval certificate from the NHK in Japan for its high-frequency transformer. Today, the company’s lineup includes hand-portable radios, mobile terminals, repeaters, and infrastructure and application solutions.

A Kenwood radio can meet virtually any need or application. From simple analog systems to robust digital solutions, these radios offer durability and advanced features to ensure that all of your calls will go through.


The NEXEDGE portable radio from Kenwood offers several advantages. Not only do the radios meet the toughest environmental standards, but they also have high RF performance and an IP54/55 rugged rating. The NEXEDGE comes in three different user interface configurations, including the non-display model for users who do not need a display.

The NEXEDGE radio from Kenwood works in a stand-alone mode but is also expandable with external data devices. It has a DB-25 or a female DB-9 connector. The NEXEDGE Network radios support Datalink software, which allows them to communicate with external data devices. NEXEDGE radios can also be equipped with PTT GPS tracking.

Compatible models

There are several different models of Kenwood radios available for purchase. Whether you are looking for a single-din radio that works with Bluetooth or a fully-featured DAB multi-line display, the company has a model to fit your needs. If you need to know which models are compatible with your phone, check the KENWOOD radio compatibility web page.

Kenwood makes one of the most popular car stereos on the market. Their lineup includes car audio head units and receivers that fit into a standard 2-x-7-inch slot. While Pioneer’s double-DIN models offer the latest features, Kenwood’s lineup is much more affordable. Kenwood has a wider range of models than Pioneer at the same price point.

The price of a Kenwood radio can vary widely, depending on the brand, the features it includes, and the accessories it comes with. These radios are available in stores and authorized dealers. They are also available through local sales companies. To get an accurate price, you should contact the seller and ask for a quote.

Kenwood land mobile portables are among the top-selling radios on the world market. They are used by law enforcement, businesses, and industry, and are the preferred choice for professional two-way radio solutions. These radios are designed to meet the most demanding requirements and are equipped with innovative features.


Kenwood walkie-talkies are great for internal business communications. They come with sleek earpieces and compact speaker microphones that make them easy to carry and operate. Belt clips are also available for hands-free operation. The radios also feature replacement antennas to improve radio frequency strength, which is necessary for smooth communication between professional users. There are two types of antennas available for Kenwood walkie-talkies: the standard and stubby versions.

Kenwood has been a leader in industrial two-way radios for decades. The company is known for the reliability of its radios and accessories. It also offers a Quick Ship program so that you can quickly and easily get a radio when you need it.



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