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Innovation Requires Market Enablement

Market Enablement.

In this industry, the era of industrial consolidation should think about speed when some large companies begin to manage.

WinTel continues to use matrix technology (Microsoft Windows and Intel) when Dell, HP and Lenovo use personal computers. Likewise, Apple’s and Samsung’s smart phones, which arrange its chips and equipment, especially in North America.

It is natural for market leaders to get technology and markets. This word often changes the strategy of major players.

One place is an infection – that is, technology sharing and competition – market surveillance. The main players continue to work, but try to stop accessing their technology to market management or to speed up innovation.

Intel and Microsoft did not try to produce, but each individual OEM allows computers and computers to compete with Big Blue (IBM). As this change began to dominate two companies, most of the competition, leaving the initiative for the only hope: the market leader. What about innovation and market listing, including smartphones and other partitions?

Activates ecosystems

Although the launch strategy is not new, I do not think it should be the strategic goals of innovation. Until now, it is possible to avoid industrial companies that contain both strategy innovations and market creation.

Despite the example of a computer, many existing players and other industry leaders are encouraging innovation, not only innovation, but also by providing market access through major R & D investments.

For example, in Shanghai, the company in the latest communications configurations has shown that it focused on only 1% of the cloud ecosystem created by its partners and was pleased. This indicator.

Similarly, the average smartphone compares to the largest companies, including 200,000 active patents, over 30,000 patents, Kuullemem, Ericsson and Nokia, all ready to offer patents to all smartphone manufacturers.

Although not all of these patents are needed to create a smartphone, it is clear that these media patents, such as China’s Oppo 11 or the new Apple iPhone X, are not patents.

Only Kuala Lumpur has spent $ 5.15 billion annually on research and development. And gives access to the industry’s largest Qualium intellectual property.

In addition, with the ecosystem concept, small processors can expand the ARM’s largest semiconductor system that connects and develops enterprise cloud computing and process across the server.

market conditions

We look at things like the Internet, Slowly Practical and Virtual Reality (N / R), Motorbike, Smart Solution (auto education or ML), especially the tip (550) and artificial intelligence. .)

These are often sites that recognize the new feedback ecosystem, such as new mergers and acquisitions, as well as consolidation, corporate and institutional culture.

With Microsoft, Microsoft has two options for the development of innovative handhelds (Eco System and Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Processor) – the restoration of old computers and buildings.

Microsoft also has GitHub open source.

One of the most important industries is also a new broadband connection for 5 new mobile devices. These two companies have invested heavily in 5G technology, Huawei and Hell’s market factors.



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