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Indispensable Monetization Strategies For News App Development

It is hard to neglect the fact that the epic popularity of mobile app development has changed the usual way of functioning. From carpooling and shopping to dating and training, every luxury in the world is accessible at our fingertips.


But do you know why applications are turning so many heads? Why every business is keen on adopting this trend? Have a look…

Reason Behind The Popularity Of Mobile Apps

  • Affordable
  • Simplifies life
  • Highly functional
  • Trending technology
  • Unmatchable speed
  • Provides enhanced revenue funnel
  • And whatnot

The above-mentioned features are just a few of the reasons that lead to their massive popularity. So if you are new to this area of technology and are looking forward to making further investment, then you should not waste any more time and get started with the golden idea. Because this is the right time to do so, especially if you are looking forward to developing a flawless news application.

To be honest, I can’t even remember the time when people around me used to read the newspaper in the morning. And this situation actually makes sense. Why would anyone want to wait for the latest news updated, till the next morning? Especially when we have some of the splendid news apps in the market.

Importance Of Monetization

Now imagine the progress that you can achieve after combining the mobile app development and the news industry. It is fascinating! Frankly, there is nothing better than witnessing an enhance revenue funnel. But there are a few things that you need to know.

Imagine having a great business idea for news app development, but a feeble monetization strategy. Well, it is nothing less than a disaster. A weak monetization strategy results in minimal to no business profits. And what is the use of a business that is incapable of generating revenue?

Two Major App Monetization Strategies

Let us focus on two major ingredients that ameliorate the revenue funnel of your news application;

  1. Effective Profit Bearing Techniques

The fact that news-based applications fall under the category of on-demand apps, makes it more important for you to focus on different ways to earn more profits. Let us take a look at a few options;

  • Advertisements

Finding well-paid advertisements is actually a piece of cake. Go through any newspaper and you will find that every corner of it is filled with numerous advertisements. But as far as applications are concerned, the complete process undergoes a drastic change. And by chance, I am referring to the advertisement format. It is important that your news-app makes the most out of the splash ads or any other kind of unnoticeable ads.

  • Paid Subscriptions

One of the most common app monetization technique is paid subscription. But a lot of users would not want to pay an amount for getting a special subscription. In such a situation, having two different versions for the paid and unpaid app is beneficial. And in the paid version you can add some special features that the users are attracted to.

  • Organizing Events

After you get a good positive response from your audience, organizing events can be an excellent option. The events can be about anything from raising social awareness to debate on current issues.

  1. Critical Features Of News-app

Below-mentioned are four major features of a news-app.

  • Log-in Option

It is important that your app has the most basic feature of getting its users register. It can be done through the phone number or e-mail id. Users can also log-in through various social media platforms.

  • Push Notification

Whether you use this feature for marketing or anything else, push notification can work wonders when it comes to fetching a larger user base. And for customer retention, you can use the push notification for updating them about any new offer or any latest news.

  • Creating a Profile

After the users have registered on your application, they need to create a personal profile and fill each and every necessary detail. At this point, you can collect the data of the user and go for targeted advertising. But that is not all after they fill their details, your app can be optimized according to their needs.

  • Including Social Media Channels

It is evident that a lot of the world’s population gathers a huge amount of their news and information through various social media channels. Thus it is necessary to integrate, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Choosing The Right Category

Now apart from the features and crucial app monetization strategies, there is one more thing that indirectly affects the overall revenue funnel of the news-app. Well, the type of app you are creating is also important when it comes to maximizing the benefits of the news idea. They can be categorized into two major types. So let us look into both of them.

  • Applications For News Resources

These kinds of applications are best for the owners of any kind of web media or newspaper owner. For example, The New York Times app. So you can also enhance the readership across the globe with the help of such versions.

The benefit of such apps is that readers get immediate updates about any incident in real-time. And on top of all these mind-blowing features, users can also choose a category according to their niche of interest.

A specialty of such apps is that their popularity expands with any kind of historic event taking place.

  • Applications For News Aggregation

This category is of news-app that covers almost all the events occurring in the international or national arena. With just a few clicks, curious users can update their knowledge of the world’s happenings.

The choice of content going on such apps holds a lot of importance. The user is looking for something that grabs his attention.

Since the news industry comprises of a lot of niches, it attracts almost every age-group of audience. Now you need to decide the right mobile app development company to connect with for that million-dollar business idea. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your idea, today!



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