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Increase your search engine traffic incredibly. Leverage on your PPC game!

Every paid click, whether it converts or bounces, has a cost attached to it. As a small business, you may be having those numbers on tips. As you have your monthly budget of marketing to serve tight targets and sharp deadlines. As a regular PPC marketer, you must be knowing the whole idea of investment and where the money goes and how.

An average business targeting service keywords with moderate competition and decent search density may invest anywhere around $2 to $30 for a click. If it is a high competition keyword or something that falls in a premium category, it can go up to $50-$55 per click.

So, you are investing big chips for these ads without the guarantee of getting business in return. And this is being done by each and every business trying to be visible and reachable as they aim to supersede the ever-grueling online competition.

Going for free organic listings along with your PPC ads

While you do this to ensure you have the targeted users reaching you out through these paid search links, you forget to wage in the free listings. If you have ever looked into it closely, there are title tags and descriptions of the listed pages displayed next to the expensive ads.

These are highly lucrative and responsive open demonstration pitches that are not being considered by most of the businesses. And they miss on to get the chance to drive their users to their website with these free organic search listings, thereby saving fairly on the high-cost traffic.

The reason is clear, most of the small businesses have been underinvesting in SEO and organic promotions. As per a survey done with 1100 small businesses, only 25% (one out of four) small businesses go for search engine optimization. That’s really a very disappointing figure of investing in the most enduring and sustainable way of search marketing. And this is certainly a big miss on search opportunity.

There are clear benefits of having good titles and descriptions for ad listings

If you start applying to your ad copy considering the list title and meta descriptions, you can multiply your click-throughs with your organic listing. Here, you can simply double your visits without doing any link building activity or writing any content or doing any inbound marketing. And most importantly without paying a single penny for it. All you need to do is just rewrite the titles and descriptions of your pages to make them a bit interesting and inviting. With this, you have high a chance of getting visibility on the top of the results with your Pay-Per-Click displays. With more clicks on your organic search listings, you are going to prompt the search engines of your viability and relevance in searches. This is going to push you further higher in organic ranking.

Testing your tags and descriptions

As you implement your title tags and meta descriptions to your ad copies you get the suggestions for improvements in the form of the report. This depicts the ad response, click-through rates and other metrics of the campaigns. Just go through this report and pick those suggestions on title and description based on the keywords and formations you should use. Apply these in the next ad copies and measure the results to see how these compare with other performances and if these get you better results. Just keep a track on these turnouts and try variations and experiment with your ad pitch and you will get more traffic. This practice will get you at least double or triple the traffic score. Well, this is not the slickest but it is certainly the surest way to increase your search engine traffic in the least time.

Final Words

Paid traffic is not a long-lasting and persistent way of lead generation and acquisition. Organic is. Investing some money through PPC services and paid marketing ads, gets you the idea of the ROI and from here you know that every click comes for a cost. If you can just put in a genuine effort at writing an effective, accurate, appealing copy with relevant titles and descriptions, you have good chances to get those clicks for free. And here you have a great opportunity to get the same quality of visits and value of conversions or maybe more with the free search engine traffic.



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