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Important Things You Must Know About Termite Control

When you see a mud tube on your wall or garden, then this is a sure sign your home is infested with termites. These creepy creatures work silently in your house to destroy it slowly. When you will realize their existence, it’s possible they have already caused extensive structural damages to your property. Hence, it’s important to keep close look for termite infestation at home, especially when you are moving to a new house. They can work silently and create big damages to your property, especially the wooden items, furniture, and flooring. Cellulose is the main food of termites which are presented in great amount in woods and this is the reason why they feed on wood. You will have to prevent your property from termite infestation, but there are a few things that you must know about termites to remove them completely from your house.

Termites can enter from anywhere

Due to their size, they can come to your place from anywhere. They have strong smelling power, so they can know where their food is placing in your house. They can reach your home by just smelling their targets. Also, termites make nests or colonies in soil, so any furniture that is touching the ground can be the source of food for the termites. And this way they can easily enter your house.

There are more than one species

Like every other type of pests, termites also have different species. So, while using the baits and chemicals for termite control , you must know what type of termites have invaded your house. Termites are mainly categorized in three types – Subterranean, Dry wood, and Damp wood Termites.  Some live in the soil, some likes to nest in dry woods, and also they like damp woods who weaken structure by east link tunnels inside the wood.

There are many ways to fight with termites

Not everyone knew this, but termites can be controlled and prevented with baits and fumigation as well. There are a few different ways you can use for termite control in the home. Like use liquid soil or bait treatment or both for subterranean termite control. To deactivate dry wood termites use tent fumigation.

They will cost you a lot

You cannot even imagine the damage cost caused by termites. People always consider termites as a harmless pest without realizing the damages they can cause to their property. It has observed that termites nearly damages 5billion in a year and repairing damage costs you over $8000. So, it’s better to keep these silent destroyers miles away from your house.

Termites can’t take the heat

Termites cannot stand the heat of the sun. In fact, they can die if kept too long in the direct sunlight. So, you can do two things either keep the infested wood under direct sun or heat the wood over 120 degrees for at least half an house will kill termites. But, the heat will not protect against further damage, so you can keep the infested wood in the direct sunlight.

Termites eat 24×7

It is weird to hear this but it’s also true. Termite can eat 24×7 and they are abundant in number. It means thousands of termites are eating your home’s foundation 24×7. A single colony can eat more than 100 pounds of wood every year. They can easily damage your home’s foundation or hardwood flowing over time.

Termites are blind but can easily find you

Yes, termites live on their senses more than their eyesight. In fact, they are so much dependent on this that some of them even born without eyes. But, even being bling they can easily hide themselves behind walls and underground. And by just smelling they can find their food. Apart from these facts, you should also know about the natural remedies you can use to kill or remove termites from your house.

Natural Remedies for Termite Control

No doubt calling the best pest control company in Delhi NCR is the best way to get rid of termites. They use different techniques for termite control and provide you pest-free environment in and around your home. But, if you think termite control in Gurgaon will cost you a lot then you can simply use some natural termite control remedies that do wonders.

· Use a wet cardboard trap

Termites can smell their food. So, you can take advantage of this. Just take a wet cardboard and place it near the termite colony. Termites will come to feed on cellulose, when you will see they are trapped, remove the cardboard and burn it.

· Let sunlight do the work

Termites can’t stand heat, so, you can use sunlight to kill termites naturally. Place the infested item or furniture in the direct sunlight and see the termites dying in an hour. You can try these remedies to kill termites naturally by yourself. And if not, then simply call the expert exterminator or pest control company in Delhi. They can help you to get rid of termites completely from your home. Also Read: Best online video editor with professional features


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