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How to Transfer / Forward Verizon Email to Gmail? – Best Method

Study How to Migrate / Transfer / Forward Verizon Email to Gmail

Summary: Here, we will be discussing the procedure to forward Verizon email to Gmail user account. Also, we will be covering the reasons on migrating emails from Verizon.net to Gmail user account. Find out the easy way to resolve your troubles with this trouble-free method.

With the advancements in the emailing strategy, the Verizon Corporation, which once owned an email web service, decided to stop their services. They instead purchased the AOL webmail client service to serve the Verizon users. The users were in trouble as they were insecure about their cloud data. But in no time Verizon announced, all the Verizon users can login to the AOL webmail via Verizon account and their data would be redirected to it. Having this facility available, many users restricted to use AOL web client and started searching to move to other email clients instead. There could have been a number of reasons for doing that. Some of them are defined in the coming section.

Why Users Forward Verizon Email to Gmail?

In this section, we will know some reasons that prevented the Verizon users from moving to AOL email service.

  • The users didn’t want to move to AOL mail client
  • Verizon users had better option than AOL web service to migrate to, say Gmail

Gmail is a popular email web service, having the largest user list. This email client is used for personal as well as professional purpose. A large number of users like using Gmail due to its comfortability and mail service management. Though Outlook is not behind to Gmail in this management, the likeliness towards to Gmail’s interface makes it more comfortable to users.

Now, we shall move to the solution and know how to forward Verizon email to Gmail.

Method to Migrate / Transfer emails from Verizon.net to Gmail

You can effortlessly move your Verizon emails to Gmail through the use of AOL to Gmail Migration application. This utility is offered by SysTools, and ever-growing institution committed to lessening your effort on a process with efficiency in time as well. This migration application is efficient enough to move Verizon emails to Gmail.

Note: The application only moves the emails from Verizon account that has taken up the AOL web service.

In this method, the works process is divided into two processes, they are

  1. Download Verizon email to hard drive
  2. Move Verizon emails in hard drive to Gmail

We will discuss each step process in detail in the upcoming sections

How to Transfer Verizon email to Hard Drive?

In this process, we will be using the application named SysTools AOL Backup. This wizard saves the Verizon emails in four file formats namely, PST, EML, MBOX, and MSG. But here we want the emails to be downloaded in PST file format. This PST file will be imported to the Gmail account further.

Follow the steps below and get your Verizon emails downloaded to the system hard drive

  • Run the application and get access with Verizon credentials
  • Choose PST file format
  • Browse system location to save Verizon emails
  • Click on Start button

This will download Verizon email to hard drive. Once, this process is completed you can move to the next step process

Method to Move Verizon email backup to Gmail

This method requires the use of GAMMO tool. This is a free tool offered by Google to import PST file to Gmail user account. You need to perform the following procedure to setup Gmail to get Verizon email:

  • Search for GAMMO tool and access with your Gmail account
  • Choose the PST file to import
  • Choose the Import option

This will import the Verizon email to your Gmail account. After the import process is completed, view the Verizon emails in your Gmail account. In the down section, some advantages of using this two-step process are described. Move down top know that as well.

Advantages to forwarding Verizon Email to Gmail with the Tool

The advantages in using AOL to Gmail migration application for migrating Verizon emails to Gmail is defined below

  • The emails are securely and safely migrated to Gmail
  • The file structure is maintained as the transferring is led through the PST file
  • The time spent for migration is very less, in case of a large number of Verizon emails
  • The applications help you perform selective data migration


This article is all about how to forward Verizon email to Gmail without any trouble. In this, we have discussed why Verizon user preferred Gmail email client over other email clients. Also, discussed a trouble-free solution to efficient transfer /migrates emails from Verizon to Gmail. Choose the above-mentioned method, if you want to move your emails from Verizon to Gmail user account.



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