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How to run successful projects applying magic triangle

Every project manager dreams of learning about magic triangle for waterfall methodology in their trainings. However magic triangle is a bit confusing since there is nothing that deals with magic. Instead, the name is purely a logical concept. The name is used to describe interdependencies between quality, cost and time in a project.

What is a Magic Triangle?

Magic Triangle is used to illustrate different interactions between objectives of projects at all the three triangle corners. When there are changes in either quality, cost or time, for instance when there is an adjustment on priorities, there is an inevitable change in relationships and positions of several other objectives.

When you use magic triangle for waterfall methodology in projects, it is easier to find more efficient solutions since there are solutions you can easily visualize. With this, it will be much easier to establish links between project objectives. Using magic triangle for waterfall methodology in projects will enable project managers to demonstrate the interdependencies to a client in a clear way.

3 Benefits of Magic Triangle for Waterfall Methodology in Projects

The magic triangle for waterfall methodology helps project managers to efficiently manage risks. It also enables project managers to pinpoint and manage priorities in a project well and provide clear communications to their clients. With magic trial, you can always be sure the project will produce a high quality deliverable. Below are some of the important benefits of magic triangle for waterfall methodology in Projects.

Helps In Easier Management of Changes

Magic triangle provides a better understanding of the relation between time, cost and scope since it has a direct relation to quality. For instance, in case a project does have a hard deadline and there is a change in scope, then project managers will be able to look at the third constraint to help in relieving pressure. The project managers can achieve this by adding talent to speed to ensure increase in scope. With this triangle, there is a unique insight into managing change efficiently and effectively.

Clarification of Priorities

By being aware of the three constraints in a magic triangle, it will be much easier to manage and pinpoint priorities to help in creating a final deliverable. For example when you consider a project with a strict budget, considering the constraints, the project manager is well aware of the importance of closely monitoring the time and scope.

Efficient Communication with the Client 

Clients will always depend on the project managers to deliver high quality outcomes. To ensure you deliver the best results, you need to know the best practices to use in project management. However, clients might not be aware about the best practices a project manager should be using. Hence, it is upon the project manager to help clients understand the processes involved using clear and simple terms. Magic triangle comes with a clear visual that helps in explaining the dependencies between scope, time and cost.


Magic triangle for waterfall methodology in projects helps in keeping the entire management team eyes on important variables that can make or break the final deliverable. It is advisable for project managers to avoid managing the constraints using the right equipment.

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