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How to Make Fun Infographics for Students

Are you an infographic genius?

Infographics have taken 2018 by storm and for a good reason. They’re fun and engaging and give the whole world more visual information than words can offer.

Are you friendly with PowerPoint or Illustrator? Want to take your web design skills to the next level? Is showing rather than telling more your style?

We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about creating fun infographics for STEM-related lessons. We’ll focus on students, as opposed to office work or teaching adults.

This way, we can have some fun too. Keep reading!

Choose The Right Visuals For Fun Infographics

Fun infographics for students can be created by following a few simple steps. Choose something that is relevant to the age group that the students belong to. Think about colors, icons, illustrations, typography, and other elements that will grab the attention of the students.

Use a grid system to organize data and visuals and pick a visual hierarchy. Make sure each visual element follows the same style. Make the content informative and engaging for the students. Making fun infographic design is a great way to get creative in the classroom and keep learners engaged.

Craft Clear And Concise Text

Learning with infographics is a great way to engage students in the learning process. To make the infographics both fun and meaningful, craft succinct and concise text that summarises the information visually. Start by choosing the content that should be included in the infographics based on the subject matter the students are currently studying.

Create the text around it, being sure to write in a logical structure that is easy to follow and relate to. Double-check that all the facts included are accurate and up-to-date. Make sure the text is clear and concise and the visuals reflect the overall message you are trying to convey.

With these tips in mind, making fun and educational infographics for students doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Identify Color Schemes

When it comes to making fun infographics for students, learning how to identify color schemes is a great place to start. Utilizing a combination of colors can help make an infographic more visually appealing and even more informative. To start, consider colors that complement each other.

Try to incorporate colors that will accurately convey the core messages of the infographic. Make sure to consider the psychology behind different colors. Layering tones and shades of colors can also be helpful to emphasize the focus of the infographic.

With a few considerations, anyone can create fun and interactive infographics that students will engage with.

Simplify Complex Information

To create a fun infographic for students, first collect data by reading textbooks or researching online. Create an outline or chart that clearly organizes the data in a way that is easily understandable. Highlighting important ideas or data points can capture the student’s attention and make it easier to remember.

Use concise language when writing labels or titles, so students can quickly and easily read and understand the infographic. Creating a fun and efficient infographic for students can help break down complicated information into more manageable pieces.

Make Your Infographic Accessible And Engaging For All Learners

Create fun infographics that appeal to students that will get them to stay engaged in the material throughout the learning process. With a few simple ingredients like interesting visuals, narrative text boxes, and concise stats, successful infographics for students can be made.

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