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How to Delete Watermark from PDF Documents

Do you find it difficult to read the information from a PDF due to a text overwritten on the page? Have you ever thought to remove watermark in PDF file ? Do you need guidance on how to delete watermark from PDF file? If you have a Yes as an answer for any of these or related queries, read on the article below. It is all about the extraction of text from PDF watermarks and its procedures.

You know, Watermark is a simple technique to protect your content from any form of digital modification in any manner. There are multiple ways of adding a watermark on the PDF. But if the watermark is not inserted in the right manner, it can become trouble for you in the future. So make sure you add the watermark in the right manner. Since you made the mistake in watermark addition, now you can delete the watermark (and again insert it if you need).

For extracting text from PDF watermark, try to use the following methods. This may help you and lessen your effort in a majority ratio. Here, we will be discussing some of the most successful procedures that can help you perform this watermark deletion task efficiently.

How to Delete Watermark from PDF File?

The procedures described here are accessible in offline mode only. Thus you can easily work out your task without Internet dependency. There are many online tools available that work out this process, but takes time if the internet connection is not stable. Also, for users having multiple PDFs for watermark removal, this option is a wastage of time. It is because the online tools process only one PDF file at a time.

In the offline watermark deletion techniques, some applications offer eminent features to extract text from PDF watermark. They are

  1. SysTools PDF Watermark Remover
  2. Adobe Acrobat DC

These applications are usually known for their functions to delete watermark from PDF files. You can find the process of each application in the upcoming sections. First, we start with the watermark remover application.

SysTools PDF Watermark Remover

The application is known for the watermark extraction function and facility to work on multiple PDF files efficiently. The facility offers the facility to work on Protect PDF files and delete watermark from PDF documents. It is very easy to use the application and there you can store the documents at a new location as well.

Steps to Delete Watermark from PDF File

Step 1: Run SysTools PDF Watermark Remover on your system.

Step 2: Click on Add PDF option and insert PDF files using Add File option.

Step 4: Browse location to save watermark deleted PDF files. Click on Next.

Step 5: Click on Generate to extract text from PDF watermark.

This will erase all the watermark from the PDF files (text and image). In addition, the application has the facility to eliminate the watermarks from Password-protected PDF documents. Now let us move down to know the process of Adobe Acrobat.

How Do Acrobat Extract Watermark from PDF Document?

Acrobat is an application that offers many functions to modify and append PDF files. The Adobe Acrobat application is popular to work on PDF files only. The latest version of Document Cloud helps the user to keep the documents on the cloud to access it from anywhere. The application offers the function to extract text from PDF watermark. The facility to delete watermark from protected PDF files is an added advantage. Find the process below to get rid of watermarks from PDF file.

Steps to Extract Watermark from PDF

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat application.
  2. Go to Tools menu and select the Edit PDF option.
  3. Click on More () and select the Watermark option. Select the Remove option.
  4. Click on Add Files option. Browse and insert PDF files. Click OK when done.
  5. Click on Output Options for file naming convention and creating a new PDF.

This will delete the watermark from all the PDF files selected. In the case of protected PDF files, you need to enter the password for each PDF individually. In case, you are eliminating the watermark of a PDF with the PDF open, make sure to save the PDF file to append the changes held.

Acrobat offers a 30-day trial to make use of the watermark removal process for free. Then, you need to take a license plan to work out this process. Also, try to renew it at particular intervals for efficient function of watermark extraction using Acrobat application.

These were two efficient processes to solve the query on how to delete watermark on PDF file. There is one more process that can help you perform this task. In this you need to convert the PDF to word file, perform the watermark removal process in Word and then save the document in PDF format. This is a bit lengthy process as compared to other online processes. For the PDF to Word conversion, you can choose an online tool.


In the above article, we have been guided on how to delete watermark from PDF files. In case there is a requirement of urgent and efficient removal of the watermark from the PDF document, you can refer to the article above. It provides multiple solutions to easily extract text from PDF watermark.



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