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How to convert PDF files for FREE

You may have used the PDF at some point. Is that, currently, this format has several applications, which include text, images, and even videos. The advantage of PDF is mainly related to the flexibility it provides. If for the general public the format is already attractive, for graphic designers PDF is an important ally in the profession, which is used both to exchange files with customers and to send jobs to printers.

Given the influence of the format for the professional development of graphic designers, knowing the advantages of PDF, as well as curiosity and the possibility of better use, is fundamental to better placement in the market.

Based on this information, professional designers will be able to explore the advantages of PDF more broadly, which results in new opportunities and greater quality in the work done.

What is PDF?

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The Portable Document Format (or only PDF) was born in 1992, after one of the founders of Adobe John Warnock, created an initiative called the “Camelot Project” in 1991. The aim was to develop a format that enables digital display of files from various sources, where only and with the possibility of printing from any computer.

PDF, therefore, came with the aim that, 25 years later, it still fulfills quite complete when compared to other formats which have some limitations related to software that can be used for viewing. One factor that makes this format the most widely used by companies, whether for digital or printing purposes, is because of the ability to maintain the original characteristics of documents, including preserving fonts and colors, in the case of graphic works. PDF is a digital file format that can be viewed and edited by Adobe software itself, such as Acrobat DC.

PDF is a form of document that is considered important to support daily office work. In some cases, you need to convert your PDF to Word so that the document is easier to read and edit. Today, to do that you have many options. You can go to sites that offer free online conversions or you can use a converter that works offline (usually paid). Among the many choices, you might be confused choosing one of them. There are so many considerations (if you want to involve as many considerations as possible) to choose the best.

In this article, I will give you how to convert PDF files without spending a cent. On this occasion we will discuss PDF WIZ, a free PDF to Word converter. Curious? Keep reading!

PDF WIZ – 100% Free PDF to Word Converter

Most of the converters that you can find on the market are quite expensive. If you mind paying a large amount of money, PDF WIZ is the best solution for you. This converter software was developed by Starzsoft, a famous software development company. It is completely free so you can save your money 100%.

This software is created to help each user combine, compress and share PDF files. If you want to convert your PDF files without limitation; features, privacy risks, email registration and so on, then PDF WIZ is the best converter.

How to use?

1. Download the software into your system. After the download is complete, launch PDF WIZ. Click “Convert PDF to”. You will see another screen and on that screen you can directly drag the PDF file of your choice to the conversion box.

2. Click “All” under “Page Cells”. The goal is to choose the page that you want to convert. Once you have specified the page, click OK.

3. In this stage you need to blow the conversion field. You can choose the type of file needed to convert, file format to be saved, conversion location and so on. Then click “CONVERT NOW” and you will start the conversion process.

4. After you complete the conversion process you can check the converted file directly. You can also check where the converted files are saved by clicking the button under “Location”.

We hope you can get benefits from reading this article.



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