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How to convert a PSD template to a WordPress Theme?

Having a website is essential these days for any business, and many small and local businesses are going for it. The website creation is not as harder as it was some years back. With so many tools, website creation is very much easier. One way of doing this is by having PSD to WordPress conversion service for your website creation. But if you are not aware of what it is and what are steps to be followed, then you have landed on the right page.

Companies often convert these designs themes using Photoshop designs to WordPress themes. These give websites so many advantages, and let’s see what the benefit of using PSD template conversion to WordPress theme is?

Pixel perfection

When anexcellent PSD to WordPress theme service is being used for website creation, the website created is very sharp and crisp. WordPress themes have so many functionalities that help in giving any design those perfect pixels. The websites created using this have a better look at all the web browsers. You can use Ram Shengale.

More usability

With so many features offered by WordPress, the usability of the website can be increased. You can use the navigation plugins on the website, which will provide great features to the users, and it makes the website more acceptable. The extra functionalities are always good for any website.

In-Built blogging feature

WordPress was a blogging platform earlier, and now it has grown in the full-fledged platform for making feature-rich websites. So when you are using this platform for website creation, then you are also getting inbuilt blogging feature as well. You get all in one easy dashboard.

SEO Friendly

SEO is anessential tool for enhancing the ranking of any website online. Each website tries to enhance their SEO and conversion of PSD to WordPress themes can be very helpful. The WordPress themes are designed for SEO optimization, and when used, can be very helpful in ranking on Google.

Now coming to the steps to be followed while converting your PSD into a WordPress theme, the following steps are needed to be followed.

  1. Slicing of your PSD: Slicing your PSD is the first step, and this makes sure that every design is saved effectively. This includes background, header and footer, and other separators, which can be used.
  2. Create files: The next step would include creating index.html and Style.css file. This will help in the programming of the files and the making of websites.
  3. Breaking into the structure: The next step would be to break down your index.html into WordPress theme file structure. This is done after the basic template is ready and ready to port into the WordPress environment.
  4. Adding tags: After this, the addition of WordPress tags is done. Use the awesome inbuilt functionalities with these tags offered.
  5. Adding functionalities: After this, you have successfully converted your PSD file into a WordPress theme, it is time for you to add functionalities and make it more attractive.

This whole process of converting PSD to WordPress theme has become quite simpler. Now, what are you waiting for? Start using this and build an amazing theme for your platform.



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