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How to Brand Your E-commerce Business Using Smart Technology

Most of the marketers have the knowledge that the consumers are buying a brand and not any particular product. According to, almost 61% of the consumers prefer to buy products online and this number is going to grow in the year 2019. The space of the e-commerce industry is extremely crowded and if you are branding your e-commerce company in a proper manner, it will be easy for you to make a position for yourself in this huge crowd. It is obvious that if you have just started you will wonder as to where you should be starting. Your main objective should be branding the business in a unique manner while you are concentrating on driving sales as well.

Consider the list of the steps that have been mentioned below if you want to build a successful brand for your new e-commerce company.

Finding and developing the brand identity

The brand identity is responsible for depicting as to how you are presenting yourself as well as your business to the entire world. This is also known to include various important pieces of the brand like the logo, the branding guide, the USP for the services and products, and more. Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow for developing these parts of the e-commerce brand.

  • Logo: It is true that developing an effective but a simple logo is definitely one of the most difficult processes; however, you always have the option of working with the graphic designers for creating logos along with the initial collaterals of the brand.
  • Branding guide: This helps in defining the typography, color palette, and the style as well as the theme that you are using for the marketing materials, on both social media as well as your website. If there is a logo, which you like, you can develop the other important elements on the basis of that particular logo. Designers can help you create a proper branding guide but you can also do it yourself if you are interested in playing with styles and colors even without having professional experience.
  • USP: The brand identity needs to integrate the unique selling proposition of your brand. This is going to dictate as to how you are talking with your customers on both your website as well as social media along with the products that you present. This is also responsible for differentiating the brand from the other products present in the market.

Developing the brand story

The story of the brand is basically a narrative, which is responsible for describing the beauty of the e-commerce business, along with all the missions and objectives, core values, as well as the vision that you have. Moreover, it also helps the customers to understand the main purpose that lies behind the products as well as services that your business is offering. Successful companies all over the world have stories, which are tied to the founders. In order to develop the brand story, you cannot forget to articulate as to why the business was started in the first place and the meaning that it has.

Establishing a presence over social media

There is no denying the fact that each and every social networking site is going to provide a brand with huge access to a broader audience base along with the way of highlighting the e-commerce brand. When you are thinking of establishing the brand over the social media channels, it is crucial that you concentrate on consistency. This means that you have to use a similar logo, language, and color, for all the social media channels.

However, the first and most important thing that you have to decide is where you are going to spend all the energy and time. There are numerous platforms and understanding the one that is going to be beneficial for your e-commerce business can be extremely challenging. You should be able to find a relevant platform for the target audience. For doing this, you can conduct competitive research and find out where the competitors are most active. After that, you have to consider the features of all the audiences that you are going to spot on the different sites. On the basis of this, you can decide where you are going to display your brand. To know more, you can visit debt settlement .

Personalizing the experience of the customers

An important thing that might slip your mind when you are considering branding is customer service. As a brand, it is your responsibility to offer a unique and personalized experience for the customers, as it is going to be extremely helpful for increasing the reputation of your brand. Statistics have also proved that most of the consumers are going to select a business, which can provide personalized experiences.

When you are developing the brand, you have to consider as to how you are going personalizing the experience of the customers in a manner, which is capable of speaking about the goals, the mission of the brand, and the complete identity. Big brands often recommend making use of branded packaging in order to create a memorable unboxing. This is going to help in offering a first impression, which is going to be extremely positive. This definitely requires more money, but you can be assured that it will provide a great opportunity with all the customers.

Create content continuously

You cannot miss creating different forms of content in order to remain relevant and on the minds of your customers. The forms of contents include blog posts, videos, and graphics. After you create content, it is crucial that you start promoting it in all the channels, which will help in building the brand. Blog contents are the best places for sharing the story of your brand and connecting with the audience but it also helps in driving leads. You need to be very careful about how you are going to use your contents in the best possible manner.


Branding your e-commerce business can be extremely overwhelming especially if you have just started. You should be starting in a slow manner and take the proper time for developing an ideal brand strategy, which will not only drive sales but also, make you unique in comparison to your competition.



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