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How Freeswitch development services are beneficial for VoIP solution providers

Role of Freeswitch development services in VoIP solution development

Freeswitch and Asterisk are highly used technologies to make VoIP solutions. They have their own set of strengths and weaknesses and assist in making an effective solution. In this post, we will be sharing all details about VoIP Freeswitch  development and services related to it.

Freeswitch solution development can be used to make any solution requiring handling thousands of calls per second. Also, it is the best technology to create a multi-tenant VoIP solution or wholesale VoIP solution.

What is Freeswitch

Freeswitch is an open-source communication platform. Freeswitch in itself is a kind of library consisting of the small executable which loads the library. It releases the core and undergoes several tasks that are defined based on modules. At its base form, Freeswitch is a PBX telephonic application or a Softswitch application. It is not entirely like Asterisk but can handle several simultaneous calls.

It helps make a PBX system, softphone, Softswitch, or even an interface with another open-source PBX system like Bayonne, OpenPBX, Asterisk, and YATE. Indeed, it can be used to design a VoIP switching platform uniting various technologies like H.323, SIP, LDAP, JINGLE, IAX2, etc.

Freeswitch is written in C language, which is built from the ground and is not a form of any other base code. It helps take advantage of several library software and that too as a higher number as possible. It is an extensible, modular architecture consisting of necessary and few functionalities in the core. It even consists of optional modules to do the rest.

Freeswitch runs on Mac OS, Windows, BSD, Linux, and other Unix flavors. Hence, it is licensed under the MPL.

Features of Freeswitch technology

Freeswitch is a hefty, as well as a scalable open-source platform. With the help of it, any simple or complex telecommunication solution can be designed. Also, it consists of extensive modules or libraries. Ultimately, this helps as a boon for developers. The team comprises some of the most specialized Freeswitch developers. These are people who have gained the subject mastery.

Freeswitch technology features:

  • Support of thousands of concurrent calls
  • Voicemail
  • CRD
  • Softswitch default implementation
  • Support SIP Protocol
  • Multi-tenant Support
  • Interoperates with many protocols

Benefits of choosing Freeswitch as a development platform

There are several benefits of choosing Freeswitch as a development platform for VoIP service providers. Few of the significant benefits include:

1. Open source – Freeswitch development solution is an open-source platform, and it is very easy to handle and create a VoIP solution on it.

2. Supports huge call volumes – Freeswitch development services can handle thousands of calls in a second and offer solutions to customers.

3. Supports all protocols – Freeswitch can support all types of protocols and codecs and is highly effective.

4. Ownership of source code – It offers ownership of codes to the VoIP solution providers.

5. Highly versatile – Freeswitch development solution can be used to make several solutions, and it is highly supportable.

Wrapping up

Today, technology has become so advanced that it is providing a massive dose of robustness or worry-free scalability. Freeswitch development service is the best solution to making cost-effective and high productive solutions and helping VoIP solution providers offer the best service to their customers.



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