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How Can Safely Change Themes on WordPress Site

WordPress site of your business is very important and it’s also responsible for bringing you traffic and consumers at the same time. However, this WordPress sometimes needs a change in its theme to increase its visibility, and it’s a very quick process too.

The problem with WordPress Development is that you have everything on your site, every plugin, and a good theme but it’s still not providing the exact thing, which is traffic for your business. In this case, you must consider that whether you are getting overflowed by unnecessary plugins or not. You must take care of the edits, and make a functional site that matches all your requirements.

So if you are thinking what could go wrong while you are changing the theme of your WordPress site then you must know if you drag a wrong piece into your site, then the entire structure might collapse. If the structure of your WordPress site collapses the retrieval work isn’t that easy. However, to avoid such mishaps, here we have pointed out the ways you can change the theme of your WordPress site and in a very safe way as well.

  1. Choose a Theme

The first task will be the selection of a suitable theme. You can choose a theme that catches your eyes, and then you select the same. However, before you like the particular thing, you must check the additional features that come with it, and the customization features as well. Check that your new themes support the plugins you are willing to attach with the site.

  1. Have a Backup for Your Site

Your Site

Get a backup ready for your WordPress site whenever you are about to change the theme. You must not ignore the backing up process; you can have this process manually or can use some software available on the internet as well. You can also ask the hosting site you are using for the same task.

  1. Cloning Your Website

How to safely change themes on you

To check the theme out you have to make a clone of your site and test the results out.

You can use software for this task, or with your hosting site, you can also use manual ways to complete this work.

  1. Test and Troubleshoot in the Cloning Site

Test every single thing out in the cloning site and troubleshoot all the problems in here too. There are tools available on the internet that can make you a list of issues and you can solve the problems by following the list.

  1. Installing the Theme

How to Install WordPress Theme

For this, you can move the cloning site to the actual one or you can put the changes directly to your WordPress site. For the direct implementation, you must enable a WordPress Website Maintenance mode; it will help with the changes you have made.

Last but not least, you must do these theme changes of WordPress with the help of a web developer always, as their expertise will make the site more attractive than ever.



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