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Guide on How to transfer WhatsApp Data From Iphone to Android securely?

WhatsApp is 1 of the most rated and widely used social media platforms. It has more than a million active users and is used as an option to even the sim and is more comfortable. But it utilizes your phone for saving the database files which is no problem because it hardly demands more than half Gb for saving the database files but the excess depends on the media files. If you are handling your business and your clients via WhatsApp business, you have now understood how valuable is your chat history and it can also be used as proof to the specific statement.

But what if you have determined to buy a new Iphone as the new the 12th version in this series is equipped with XDR display, so to be up to date you need to buy that one, the 1st thing you need is to look for is a way to transfer your chat of old device to new device. It becomes more complicated when transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android is needed from Iphone to android. You may be considering taking google backup but Iphone doesn’t recommend it you can make it to iCloud, but even if you accomplished generating a backup, you can not transfer and implement it in the cross-platform.

So, it is the moment where data transfer application comes handy, We have found on of the best app, The Dr.Fone is one of the apps that is wonderfully emphasized one and provides a secure WhatsApp transfer with data from Iphone to Android and you can also see the backup on your machine before shifting the essential information, it might protect your time and funds at the same moment because you understand time needs money and preserving time implies that you can make more extra money but this article is not regarding making wealth, we just presenting you the know-how to quickly transfer WhatsApp messages from iphone to android and get your chats history back.

Getting back to the central context, let’s see how to transfer WhatsApp from Ios to Android via Dr.Fone- Whatsapp Transfer:

Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer – The Best App To Transfer Whatsapp Chat History

Don’t get irritated about any important WhatsApp Business chat history loss when you require to change your cell to a different one. Using Dr.Fone WhatsAppTransfer, it is an easy and convenient method to transfer your history chats with the attached media between iOS and Android. Everything will be securely moved.

When you acquire a brand-new mobile, no matter it is an ios or Android .and transferring your WhatsApp data to it, your old chats don’t come concurrently with your transfer. Appreciations to Dr.Fone, WhatsApp transfer is made easy with Dr.Fone now. It can help you to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android immediately, backup WhatsApp to PC in just a  tap, and retrieve WhatsApp backup to the new mobile phone easily.

1:Very First Download and Install “Dr.Fone” on Your system

The first thing needed is the installation of the Dr.fone-Whatsapp transfer, so download the application and install it. The installation is as simple as ABC. Dr.Fone- Whatsapp Transfer is compatible with both Windows and IOS.

●    Attach your IPhone/Android to the PC

Just, attach your iphone to the PC to begin to shift your WhatsApp data from it, ensure that your devices are unlocked and you are using the original cables came with the phones (Sorry in the case of IPHONE 12 because you have to buy one for extra money  🙂 ) But uses the brand original data cable.

●    Simply Tap on “Backup & Restore”

Launch the Dr.Fone application on your system and tap “Backup & Restore” from the various options on the screen. Get both of your devices attached to the PC. Both of your phones will be displayed on the Dr.Fone app. Correctly attach the reference and target device for the transfer.

After selecting a specific choice, you will have a window here. Select the form “Backup Whatsapp messages”. This will let you transfer WhatsApp messages from the iphone device to your local disk.

Wait till it completes the backup, After successfully backing up the data on your PC, you can also examine the backup.Dr.Fone provides the feature to preview the backup data on your PC without any additional software.

●    Restore the Whatsapp History to your “Android”

When both the phones are attached to the PC by allowing it as a trusted one, don’t interrupt it while shifting it to the other device. If an interrupt is detected Dr.Fone will automatically save transferred data in most cases. Tap on “Restore” the WhatsApp messages to android to completely transfer the stored information on Android. The copy of the WhatsApp history that is saved on your harddisk will be restored on the android using the restore option when the WhatsApp app is first launched on it.

Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer will recover WhatsApp chats of the iPhone and transfer the data across the cross-platform easily without any additional requirement.

Whatsapp DATA transfer from IPhone To Android Without PC

If you don’t have access to a PC to transfer the WhatsApp data, no need to worry about it because there is also an Apk application for the Android from where you can restore the data from iCloud backed up using Iphone.

First Download The Dr.Fone Phone Transfer for Android (available on Play store)

After successfully installing the application for the android, just follow the steps featured in this guide to completely transfer your old WhatsApp business history data…

  • Tap on Import from iCloud

Log in to your original iCloud ID

If you have enabled the double verification method ( enter the code received on your number ) in the box to verify it’s you.

  • Select the data type you want to transfer
  • Wait until data is fully imported

It is an effective way if you are looking for how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone, as Iphone doesn’t support google back up so you need to use iCloud for this.



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