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How to FiX Spectrum Not Working on Roku? Detailed Guide!

Roku is a digital media streaming brand that is run by Roku Inc. Roku device seamlessly connects to your smart TV and software enables you to stream various media available over the internet for which a downloadable channel exists.

Roku, the name is derived from the Japanese word “six” standing with the fact that it is the sixth company launched by Anthony Wood. Since, 2008, Roku is iterating on its devices. Currently, Roku has a huge user base in the US counting more than 100 million. It is currently one of the most popular streaming options. 

That being said, there are some errors people are catching up with Roku. One of the most common errors in the Spectrum not working on Roku

If you are the one among them, you have perhaps encountered the best place to sort your problem out. But before let’s understand a few quick things.

Why is Spectrum TV not working on Roku?

If you have come across issues while running the spectrum app on your Roku TV, then there are a few possibilities. 

  1. Spectrum App Error Code RLC -1002 – Slow Internet Connection (Refer Fix 1)
  2. Spectrum Code RLC-1000 (Issue with Internet Connection) (Refer Fix 1)
  3. Spectrum Code RLP 1007 (Issue with the App)(Refer Fix 2)
  4. Spectrum 
  5. error code SLC -1000(Refer fix 4,5)

Fix 1: Internet Connection for the Roku device

Spectrum being a heavy service, one is likely to face error codes such as SLC-1000. SLC-1000 stops your channel to play desired media. There could be multiple reasons for that, however, getting such an error is pretty common. Here are some steps that you should follow to fix Spectrum error code SLC-1000.

Before you do anything else, have a check your internet connection. It might be possible that Roku is deprived of the network connection, failing in connecting to Spectrum servers.

At least an internet speed of 40 Mbps is required to browse through the Spectrum in normal cases. Here are a few things you can do.

Hard reset router

The issue can be the slow connection or no connection at all. In both scenarios, you can perform a hard reset to the modem by unplugging the power adapter and waiting for 6-8 minutes, and then plug the power adapter back into the source. 

Relocate Roku

You should also make sure the network or the modem is in a good range with the Roku device. If there has been a disturbance there, you must fix it.

Reduce Network usage

If the slow internet is the case, you can disconnect all the unused devices and make sure that there is no uploading or downloading going on that is decreasing the speed of the device. 

Do make sure by streaming any other services on your phone or tablet and see if they are working. If the internet connection has no issues, then proceed further. 

Fix 2: Update your Spectrum app if running an older version on a Roku device

With an un-updated setting, things can be a little difficult and you can have a hard time running the app with equal smoothness as of the updated build. Not to face an issue with SLC-1000, make sure that your spectrum app is updated to the latest version. 

You can update it by opening the spectrum streaming app in the app store and simply selecting update. 

If still the issue is unresolved. Proceed further.

Fix 3: Reinstall Spectrum Application

If your network is just as normal and updating the application doesn’t provide you access back, you should try reinstalling the spectrum app. If some data has been corrupted due to server misbehaves, reinstalling the application will fix it, 

To reinstall the spectrum app, perform the steps provided below:

  1. Enter the storage unit
  2. Find the Spectrum application
  3. Find the delete button and let the uninstallation procedure finish. 
  4. Enter the application store and download and reinstall the application.
  5. If you are done with downloading and installing, you can log in to the application and see if the problem is fixed, else otherwise proceed with the next solution.

Fix 4: Resetting Routers and updating the firmware

Spectrum is still not working? Try updating the Roku Firmware. The older version of Roku doesn’t support all the shows and that can make the app crash if you try running it. To update Roku firmware, perform the steps provided below. 

  1. Hit the Home button on your remote
  2. Find System Update and hit Check Now
  3. Once the Check is Done, Hit Update
  4. Let the firmware update complete by itself

Your device may restart during the procedure so be patient.

Fix 5: Performing a Hard Reset on Roku

If you are not aware of the work Hard-Reset, this is a method to remove your device from all potential power and deprived it of all the malfunctioning that has been developed over time. The only requirement to do this is patience. You must wait long enough to let the power completely flush.

Here is how to perform Hard-Reset on Roku Device;

  1. Turn Off your Roku Device
  2. Remove all the cables and plugs from any source of electricity.
  3. Wait for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Plug the Roku power adapter back into the source.

In fewer cases, the issue is with the device that needs to be restarted, if everything fails, reboot your Roku. The issue might get resolved.

The further severe problem that can be taken look at if all the above fix fails.

Other Fixes

Account Issue

If you have restrictions imposed on your account due to a security breach, it can be a reason that you have been blocked from using Roku.

Corrupted Data

Spectrum app might fail to boot if you have deleted some important logs out of frustration or have infused corrupted data within.

Location Problem

VPN can also be an issue. In case you have altered the IP address of Roku to some other location, Roku might not be able to get through the Spectrum Servers.

Roku Issue

Issues can also be with the OS, which is rare such as temporary OS glitch or application glitch.


There are a lot of things to consider if the Spectrum app stops working on Roku devices. Internet inspection is required. Hard-Reset might also be required in the worst case. Troubleshooting everything is important. In case, it still doesn’t work after going through all the solutions, you should consider spectrum support. Hope this article helped you. See you again. 



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