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Five Types of Marketing Firms: How Businesses Use Their Services

A marketing firm consists of specialists that can help businesses analyse, plan and target market efficiently to the right audiences. However, not all marketing firms are the same. If you’re a business owner, then marketing your business should always be near the top of your agenda. The more brand awareness you build about your business, the better the returns on your investment.

However, not every business owner knows how to market their business. Marketing firms help fill this void. They are a popular choice for business owners to turn to when they need to create marketing plans or launch campaigns.

What Do Marketing Firms Do?

A marketing firm provides professional services that help business owners build strong marketing campaigns. When you begin your search for the marketing firm that is right for your company to work with, you’ll quickly encounter an issue.

There are various kinds of marketing firms out there. Some provide integrated marketing services, while others provide more specialized services. Some marketing firms work solely with website development while others help you create your brand image.

With the vast options available to you, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, you don’t want to approach the wrong kind of marketing firm and end up not getting your desired results at the end of the day.

Knowing what the most common kinds of marketing firms are can enable you to quickly choose the firm that is right for you. You may also find that you need to hire several kinds of marketing agencies together.

Say you need to build a website for your business, as well as create a brand image for your business. Then ideally you should approach two different kinds of marketing firms. This enables you to extract the best services suited to each marketing agenda. Integrated marketing services can be great for new and emerging businesses. But if you want to expand your customer base and increase sales, then specialized marketing agencies can offer better insights and strategies.

The Different Kinds of Marketing Firms

There are five main kinds of marketing firms. These are separated based on the functions they perform and the services they offer.

Here are the five most common kinds of marketing firms:

1. Branding Agencies

A branding agency helps you create a brand image and narrative for your business. A strong brand identity can help drive business growth. A good brand identity can also enable your consumers to immediately notice and tell your brand apart from your competition.

To that end, a branding agency performs tasks related to ideation, brand creation, visual marketing and storytelling. They can also provide graphic design services, in the form of digital and print collaterals.

2. Graphic Design Agencies

These are more specialized than a branding agency. A graphic design agency offers services strictly related to visual design and storytelling. You can get your business’ logo designed, create letterheads and other business collaterals such as business cards, brochures, and more.

A graphic design agency can help you by creating all kinds of graphic collaterals and digital designs that you need for your business.

4. Website Development Agency

Every business needs a quality website, and a website development agency can help you achieve that. You find specialists in everything from website development to search engine optimization. This puts you in the best position possible to create a website that can rank high in search engine pages.

5. Consultancies and Freelancers

Aside from specialized agencies, you may also come across smaller boutique firms, consultancies and freelancers. These usually offer limited services. However, these are both affordable and highly suited for small business owners. If you need localised marketing strategies for example, then a smaller marketing firm could be perfect for you.


Picking the right kind of marketing can help you reach the targets you’ve set for your marketing campaign. However, not all marketing agencies provide the same services. Knowing what the most common types of marketing agencies are, as well as what services they offer, can help you decide which marketing agency will suit you best.

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