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How To Find a Family Member You Lost Touch With

The experience of having a family member lose touch can be a difficult and emotional situation for everyone involved. It can be a time of tension, frustration, and sadness for the people left behind. It can also be a source of confusion and guilt, as you may feel as if you’ve done something wrong or that you could have done more to keep your family member in contact.

No matter the cause of the estrangement, the emotions that can come up can be overwhelming and painful. It’s important to remember that these feelings are normal and valid, and that it’s okay to take the time to process them.

Searching for a lost family member can be a daunting task, especially when you’ve lost touch for many years. But with the advent of fast people search tools and other technologies, it’s become much easier to find someone you’ve lost touch with. Here are some tips to help you get started in your search.

1. Start with basic online searches.

The first step is to use the internet and search engines to research the person’s name, current or past addresses, or other identifiable information. If the person has a common name, you may need to use multiple search terms to find anything useful.

2. Use social media.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great places to start searching for a lost family member. Try searching for the person’s name, or any other information you may have about them. Keep in mind that some people may have changed their name, so be sure to search for any variations.

3. Try public records searches.

Public records can provide a wealth of information about a person’s past. From court records to marriage records and property records, public records can provide insight into a person’s background and life story. Whether you are researching your family’s history or conducting a background check on a potential employee, public records can be a valuable resource.

4. Utilize people search tools.

People search tools are a great way to find someone you’ve lost touch with. These tools, such as Intelius, allow you to search for a person by name, phone number, address, or other identifying information. You can even purchase a detailed report that will provide you with much more information about the person.

5. Search for obituaries.

If you are trying to locate a long-lost family member or friend, or are simply curious about the life of someone no longer with us, searching for their obituary online can provide you with the answers you need. Obituaries can be an invaluable resource to uncovering information about the person’s life and family.

There are a variety of websites and newspapers that archive obituaries, making it easy to search for an individual’s obituary online. Most obituaries include the person’s name, date of birth and death, and sometimes the names of their surviving family members. Obituaries can also provide information about the person’s career, hobbies, and sometimes even a photo.

6. Ask friends and family.

One of the most effective methods is to reach out to family and friends who may have had contact with the person in the past. It’s possible that someone in your circle may know the person’s current whereabouts or have a way to get in touch with them. Ask them if they have any information that may help you locate the person. You may be surprised to find that someone in your circle is in contact with the person or may have a lead on the person’s current whereabouts.


Finding a lost family member can be a challenge, but with some persistence and the use of the tips outlined here, you should be able to track down your lost relative and reconnect. Good luck!



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