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Facebook Works Without a Phone Number

Many users want to learn how Facebook works without a phone number because they are having trouble activating an account

In some countries, the Facebook number is blocked as a US number, and some other countries are prohibited from receiving a call or activation code from Facebook to consider the company spying on calls. The company is completely banned in the country, and sometimes people do not want to add a number to their Facebook account to maintain their privacy. A group of users who do not have their phone number can not register a new account on Facebook, but we have realized that this problem is an obstacle for many people. We dedicate today’s explanation to offer you a solution E problem and the way to do Facebook without a phone number, the subject of the day with us. They follow.

How Facebook works without a phone number:

The number of fake accounts or multiple accounts for one person has increased in the social networking site and has become a problem and pressure on the server of Facebook. And there are a large number of users who complain of harassment of owners of accounts with fake names, Facebook to add the activation feature of the account through the phone number, which will significantly reduce the opening of fake accounts on the site Facebook. But the activation request through the phone number has posed a real problem to a large number of people who can not receive the activation code because of the prohibition of receiving messages from Facebook in the country Who are in E, in this paragraph. We will give you the way Facebook works without a phone number, follow these steps:

  • To make a Facebook without a phone number, you must enter the Facebook site via the following link:
  • It is a mobile phone site, but we will use it via computer to bypass the activation request via phone number.
  • Enter the link above and click on Create a new account, then enter the required data: name, email, phone number, password and birthday.
  • and then click on “Create my Facebook Account” work Facebook without a phone number.
  • A window gives us two options to activate by phone number or by e-mail. Of course, we choose activation via e-mail and complete the registration process normally.
  • So we have come to the end of explaining the day we gave you an explanation of how Facebook works without a phone number, thanks for the follow-up.


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