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Everything About 2021 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai has been on quite a roll for the past couple of years now hasn’t it? It has constantly dished out vehicles that have set them apart from their previous image of manufacturing some really meh looking as well as performing vehicles. They have for sure started to diversify their product line as they now have almost everything that anyone could ask from a manufacturer, you want a luxury sedan?-Get the Genesis, a hot hatch?-The Veloster N is your mate, an EV- Grab the Kona. You do get my point right? Hyundai has also kept on experimenting with their design languages every couple of years to keep their entire stable of vehicles looking fresh as the years roll by. Yes, the styling on certain vehicles might be a little too in your face for some, but that is the beauty of Hyundai, they for sure have one product that an individual would definitely like and one they just can’t stand!

As we stated earlier when the new  2021 Elantra was teased , it has become pretty apparent that Hyundai wants to diversify its designs as it plans to ditch the “family look” tradition that is followed by many manufacturers, especially the holy trinity of German big shots to make it stand out of the crowd and well The Elantra does stand out- A LOT! This 2021 redesign is definitely from the ground up as gone are those sharp crisp lines with the recognizable triangular headlights that are on the outgoing model. The new design language is a mixed bag in our opinion as certain individuals drool at the new design style featuring the light bar connected tail lights, while others much like us feel that the flowy shape of the body coupled with a low mounted grille and an overall not so proportionate structure makes it appear a little hunched over. Exterior styling has always been a subjective issue and something that is iffy to one could certainly be art to someone else, one thing though is for certain that the 2021 Hyundai Elantra’s design is definitely a conversation starter. Hyundai has also revealed that the Elantra would also be getting aboard the hybrid train as it would get a hybrid motor for the first time that is expected to hit EPA estimates of 50 mpg which are great but even the regular gas-powered Elantra should definitely kick up a storm as well as the outgoing model is already rated at 41 mpg.

The standard gasoline engine that is going to be featured in the new Elantra comes in the form of a 2.0-liter inline-four mill that would push out a very mediocre 147 bhp that would power the front wheels via a CVT gearbox. The more notable engine option though comes in the form of the 1.6 litres four-cylinder engine that pushes out 139 hp when coupled with the added hybrid electric motor and a six-speed automatic gearbox. The performance is definitely nothing to write home about, but the hybrid should definitely be slightly more spritely off the line due to the flat torque response of an electric motor even though it is down on power. For the people looking for a more competent engine setup, sadly there is still no news over the Elantra Sport being carried forward into the newer revision.

When we move over to the inside, it becomes clear that it isn’t just the outside shell that was tossed out for 2021 MY, Hyundai just dumped the entire car in the trash and went back to the drawing board. The interiors on offer on the upcoming Elantra are definitely one of the more mature looking interiors from the manufacturer and we have no complaints. The dashboard isn’t unnecessarily cluttered and features a very distinct looking steering wheel that although has four spokes, has the ethos of two-spoke steering. The quality of materials used inside the cabin also seems to have gone up as the cabin appears much richer than ever before. A particular detail that definitely grabbed our attention was Hyundai making a play similar to Audi and Lexus by introducing the single air vent style that is quite common in the newer vehicles offered by the other said manufacturers. This design touch does give the interior a hint of even more sophistication which makes the interior look more expensive than it is. The optional 10.3-inch digital gauge cluster alongside the extended tack on style infotainment screen does look quite modern and futuristic. The display seems to be similar looking to the Mercedes Digital Displays that are in their modern cars but we doubt that it would be as crisp as the Benz’s offering. The 10.3-inch touch screen infotainment is also an eye grabber and should feature all the modern amenities to the tune of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while the integrated voice recognition is designed to be able to control non-infotainment features such as HVAC setting and heated seats. This “Benz” style 10.3 inch + 10.3-inch setup although looks great, isn’t sadly standard on the Elantra as the lower trim levels would get an analogue setup and an 8.0-inch display instead. Hyundai also hasn’t skipped out on any of the modern safety features for this upcoming 2021 Elantra as it does come in as standard with active safety gizmos such as Automated Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist while Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Centering and certain others are available as optional extras or on higher trims.

The Elantra has been a successful product for Hyundai not only in the States but the world over so Hyundai would have a lot riding on the newer model of the Elantra as it is one of the quintessential Hyundai vehicles that have helped Hyundai really overcome the image barrier which has engulfed a lot of non-domestic manufacturers in the U.S.  Hyundai has been constantly rolling out products that have been nothing short of impressive since quite a long time now and considering how much they charge their vehicles from generation to generation, the Elantra for its 2021 model year should be a treat for most of the buyers.



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