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Escape Hour rooms can be conveniently booked online

The covid-19 pandemic has affected the largest cities more, and the health department agencies are closely monitoring all commercial premises where more people are likely to gather together, and only those premises where people are not likely to spread any infection are allowed to function. This has greatly reduced the entertainment options available to families and individuals. In Toronto, one of the few entertainment options available are the escape games of Escape Hour, since all the escape rooms are private. For each escape game, the person booking will play the game, only with his family, friends, in the private room.

Like other escape games, for the escape hour locker room, the team is confined to the room for a period of one hour. In this period, the team members have to collaborate search the room which is designed based on the game theme, for clues, solve puzzles, and use other methods to find a way to exit the quest room. There are seven escape rooms in each of the Escape Hour facilities in Edmonton and Calgary in Canada. The escape games have different themes like five lives, bank heist, matrix movie, five elements and senators battle. The complexity of the escape room varies, to cater to teams of different experience.

One of the main advantages of the escape rooms in Edmonton is that interested teams can conveniently check availability of the room and book it online. This ensures that the team can plan their schedule accordingly and do not have to wait for a specific escape room to become free. On Monday, the escape rooms are closed for cleaning. Usually on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, more people have free time, so the escape rooms are more likely to be booked. So those who wish to play the escape games on weekends , should book it well in advance. The fees for each escape game are also indicated online, on the booking chart.

Though Edmonton has a large number of tourist attractions in the fun and games category, the Escape Hour escape rooms are highly immersive and enjoyable, making them extremely popular among local visitors and tourists. In 2020, the popular travel review website Tripadvisor has rated Escape Hour as the top tourist attraction in the games category. For the safety of the customers, the escape rooms are disinfected after each game to kill any germs. All other covid-19 precautions like social distancing and wearing masks are also followed. To help the teams playing the escape games, a game-master is provided exclusively for team to provide information and help.



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