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Emerging Technology In Traveling Industry

Technology is being used in every aspect and occupation. The inventions have made our lives stronger and longer.  Easiness in doing several tasks has been possible due to technology. If we look some years back then there was no technology and people had to do their tasks by using their hands. Life was extremely difficult and people had to do all of the manual work. Technology plays a major role in our lives.  People also choose Serene Airline for traveling along different cities of Pakistan.  The enjoyment in doing the works automatically have all favored by the technology. There was a time when doing agricultural activities were very difficult. Agricultural Revolution had been possible due to technology. You must know that which plant will grow in which region? Technology had played an important role in this field by providing relevant and needy amount of data. You can store information about the plants, their habitat and other sort of information. Most of the countries have gone from Agricultural Age and they are now focusing on the industry. Many of them also had Industrial Revolution. Invention of printing press was a major technological advancement which has taken place in 14th to 16th Century.  This great revolution also increased publishing of the books. Information was now being distributed and knowledge could be easily shared.

Technology has impacted different human occupation fields and one of the most important of them is medicine and health. Most of the early people had died due to diseases. Several of the discoveries and inventions which have been made in the field of medicine are due to technology. Newer diseases can also easily discover due to the technology advancement. Treatment of the existing diseases can also be done due by high-tech medical equipment. Scientists also tried to finish some of the diseases and they have been successful in doing that.

Traveling and tourism have great technology incorporation. With the proper involvement of technology, it is impossible to imagine traveling without the help of technology. You can now get Airline Ticket Rate online from a variety of the websites. 70% of the planners plan their trip on the internet and rest of them choose travel agency for going to different places around the world. We can describe technology related to traveling and tourism in four different phases.

  1. Internet
  2. Ticketing and Booking System
  3. Computer Systems
  4. Mobile Communication

By using them, we can enhance different sectors of traveling like transportation sector, residential sector and other tourist attraction sites. Air transportation uses the technology at its best level. People travel in great numbers at national and international level. They have their own objectives like study, work, business, meeting with family and marriage abroad. Behavior of the customers is constantly changing on and on. They now prefer online booking systems instead of the manual booking system. It is also used for reservation of the hotels and cars. Different kind of mass communication techniques are applied for the receiving the feedback from the customers. Mails, SMS, phone call, promotional emails sent to the customers. They also want to have an idea of traveling experiences, promotions, packages and deals. One of the most important factors which have come in the air traveling industry is the announcement of Flight Deals and Promotions. By using different kind of mass communication techniques, travel agencies publish the deals and promotions for the customers. On the other hand, customers also like to receive different offers and promotions from the airline companies which are being published by travel agencies.



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