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CBD and Wearable Technology: Enhancing Your Mind-Body Connection

Two trends have emerged over roughly the same timeframe: Wearable technology and the rise of hemp cannabinoids. Just as you might have never thought you’d be wearing a second phone on your wrist, you might have also been sure pre-2010 that there weren’t any useful cannabinoids aside from THC.

Both conventions have been thrown on their heads over the last decade. Nowadays, full-spectrum CBD distillate goes hand-in-hand with the latest wrist-worn and head-mounted devices. CBD and wearable technology are combining to change the way we live in our bodies forever — find out how.

What Is CBD?

First, what, exactly, is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is naturally the second-most abundant cannabinoid present in Cannabis sativa. In recent years, efforts have been made to bring natural levels of CBD in hemp even higher with resulting hemp crops often bearing 15-20% CBD.

Initially drawing attention due to its reported effects against epilepsy, CBD is now more widely regarded as a general cure-all that users rely on most commonly for pain, anxiety, and sleep. CBD has enough of the cannabis “vibe” to be relaxing, but it isn’t intoxicating — no matter how much CBD you use, you will never get high.

What Is Wearable Technology?

“Wearable technology” is a term used to refer to internet-connected electronic devices that you wear on your body. The most common form of wearable technology is the smartwatch, but items like key trackers and AR headsets are also becoming popular.

To be honest, many forms of proposed wearable tech are simply laughable. Most people will most likely never wear internet-connected underwear, for instance, and similarly, smart rings and shoes have practically zero real-world utility. What wearable technology is undeniably doing, however, is bringing the benefits of the modern, digitized age closer than ever before.

How to Use CBD with Wearable Tech

Here are a few ideas of ways you could combine your daily CBD habit with your enthusiasm for wearable technology:

  • Track your CBD usage with your smartwatch: Jotting down quick notes or voice memos on your smartwatch is easy. Try this method when you need to track your daily CBD intake.
  • Monitor your vitals after using CBD: You and your doctor may find it interesting to monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and other vitals after you start using CBD.
  • Keep track of your CBD: Never lose your CBD again by equipping your products with miniature trackers like Apple AirTags.
  • Experience AR with CBD: There’s no telling how the metaverse might transform with CBD. Mix, mingle, and explore in a lightly relaxed state of mind.

Benefits of CBD & Wearable Technology

Some people use wearable technology just to be cool. Most, however, keep smartwatches on their wrists to track their health — a concern shared by most people who use CBD.

CBD and wearable technology are just two facets of an overall evolution in natural health that is occuring everywhere. On social media, individuals are sharing ancient secrets to happiness and longevity. In the public square, environmental toxins are gaining attention once more, and some people are even leaving the cities and learning to live off the land.

Urbanite or rural resident, everyone can benefit from the confluence of new technologies and natural substances that is resulting in better health and happiness for millions. CBD may even theoretically offset some of the downsides of wearable technologies, such as eye strain and radiation exposure.

Best Wearable Technology to Use with CBD

The most obvious choice when it comes to a type of wearable technology to use with CBD is a smartwatch. That’s only because smartwatches are currently the most common form of wearable technology, though.

Take advanced noise-canceling headphones from Apple or Bose, for instance. The feeling of being inside a private bubble of sound is only boosted by the subtly relaxing properties of CBD, making airport travel less stressful or morning runs more enjoyable.

There’s one last angle we haven’t yet explored: CBD and “wearable” healthcare devices. Sure, a pacemaker isn’t exactly “worn,” but it’s entirely possible that CBD might be helpful when it comes to electronic devices that are at least partially attached to your body as well. To have any degree of certainty on the subject, more research needs to be done.

CBD & Wearable Technology: The Future Is Now

A lot has changed over the last decade — but, the same is true for any decade. Over the last 10 years, people have taken control of their bodies in unprecedented ways — perhaps most courageously, in the substances they use and the technologies they wear. Let’s continue exploring both CBD and wearable technologies to see where this trend leads.



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