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Can You Really Call Pibexa a Phenomenal Online Broker?

Even though forex has existed as a public trade but before making its way to the internet platform, it was mainly a source of income and trade for the rich. Now, even the people with a few hundred dollars in their pockets can set foot into this trade and hope to make fortunes through forex trading. If one wishes try their luck in online forex today, they can find hundreds and thousands of brokerages ready to provide their services, making claims of providing the best investment/trading services and plans.

The competition for the best online brokerages has gotten so big that many brokerages have now started making claims/promises with no intentions of fulfilling them. These brokerages only want to lure novice traders/customers with their attractive offers and once they have their hands on their precious money and belongings, they waste no time and take away their hard-earned money with no intentions of returning it.

As a result, many new and to be online investors are found to be in a state of discontent and such criminal acts are not only portraying a bad image to the online trading platform, but also causing harm to the entire internet community. The amount of damage is so much that many people have started thinking that online trade as a whole is nothing but fraud and have started looking elsewhere to invest and try their luck.

This is where brokerages like Pibexa have come up to counter this dire situation and change people’s perception of online business being a fraud entirely. Their aim is not just to have people register and invest through their brokerage but to build rapport and earn back the trust of people in order to retain the old reputation of online trading as a trustworthy source of income.

About Pibexa

Pibexa is developed to serve as a forex trading platform. The reason it has chosen forex to be its sole trade is due to the fact that forex has arisen as one of the most reliable and profitable source of income for the investors due to its high liquidity. Pibexa has come forth as a team of responsible, resourceful and highly ambitious traders and analysts who are on par with any expert currently making their name in the forex trading business.

With this group of highly competent individuals, Pibexa aims to provide their customers the best trading experience, highest level of asset security, state of the art tools, features and one of the most comprehensive level based education system. What makes Pibexa even more reliable is that they have their customer support ready for your servie 24×7, ensuring that each one of your query is answered in a timely manner as time is money when it comes to trade.

Account Types

  • Silver
  • Minimum deposit required to own this account is 250 Euros.
  • You have access to Pibexa’s academic program
  • Gold
  • Minimum deposit required to own this account is 1,000 Euros.
  • You have access to Pibexa’s academic program
  • You are assigned with an account manager dedicated to assist you throughout your trading journey with Pibexa.
  • Platinum
  • Minimum deposit required to own this account is 5,000 Euros.
  • You have access to Pibexa e-books designed specifically to educate new investors on trading.
  • You have access to trading signals.
  • You are assigned with a senior account manager to guide you throughout your trading journey.
  • You are auto-enrolled for expert analyst trading sessions.
  • You can earn bonuses up to 100% of your account balance.
  • You are not liable to pay any withdrawal fee(s).
  • You are granted with interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit.
  • Diamond
  • Minimum deposit required to own this account is 35,000 Euros.
  • You have access to the entire education package made available to you by Pibexa.
  • You can avail premium contract options.
  • You are assigned with a senior account manager to guide you throughout your trading journey.
  • You are auto-enrolled for expert analyst trading sessions.
  • You can earn bonuses up to 100% of your account balance.
  • You are issued with an international MasterCard, which makes it easier for you to make debits easier for you to withdraw.


Forex (commonly known as foreign exchange) is the process of buying, selling and exchanging of currencies with one another. Online forex trading is a marketplace for investors to exchange currencies for a variety of reasons such as trading, commerce or tourism. With the amount of investors being attracted to this trade for the sake of investment and earning profits, make forex trading the largest and liquid platform in the business of trading.

One of the most convenient aspect of forex trading is that there is no central marketplace or headquarters for forex so there is no need of looking for a physical facility for trading. Forex trading exists as a decentralized entity where the trade between currencies process electronically over-the-counter, which means that there is no regulating entity and the exchanges, occur through computers directly between traders around the world. As a result, forex has gained so much success and investment that at present, around $5 trillion worth of transactions are being processed through forex.

  • How forex works?

Before one starts trading in forex, it is important to be familiarized with the most basic concept, which is that in forex, the currencies come in pairs. At present, there are around 50-70 pairs of currencies for the investors to choose from such as USD/EUR, GBP/CAD, JPY/EUR and many more. So, if one chooses to go with the pair “JPY/EUR” and decide to sell, it means that they are selling JPY and at the same time buying EUR and vice versa.

At any given time, there are countless events taking place throughout the world that either have a positive or negative impact on the value of each currency. While doing trades, one needs to keep a track of either their local currency against neighboring currencies or the most demanded pairs in the entire world and do trades in order to generate more profits for themselves.

  • The hot pick

Even though there are around 50-70 forex currency pairs available for investors, the pair that has gained the most popularity and recognition is the USD/EUR pair. As a result of its of international demand and recognition, majority of the forex traders have been attracted to this particular pair and have thus, decided to go with it. Due to its promising outcomes and high liquidity, this pair alone generates around $2 trillion worth of transaction volume per day. Therefore, if you are new to this trade and it is the first time you’ve come to know about this, then it is advisable for you to choose this pair of others because if you choose to side with it, you are definitely going in the right direction and will earn huge profits through trades in this currency.

Trading Platform

While many brokerages are adapting to the third party trading platforms, Pibexa has stuck to the roots by doing it the old school way:

  • Pibexa Website

In order to keep up with online trends and public demands, many brokerages have switched to providing their customers with third party forex trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. However, Pibexa has stayed old school by providing their customers the ability to trade directly through their website. Doing so not only bounds the customers to download these platforms every time they use a different operating system but also involves security risks of having a third party trading platform.

It cannot get any better than this that one simply needs to access the pibexa website (no matter the location), and can gain access to the entire forex trading world. When using the Pibexa trading website, you have access to the forex trading markets around the world, have historical data access for any asset of your interest, access to the asset flow charts as well as general forex trend and can utilize trading signals.

The motive behind pibexa sticking to the old style-trading platform is to give new investors a hands-on experience in the most basic way possible. Doing so, gives clients the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the interface of the trading platform as well as the available tools and features. Most of all, the entire trading platform is developed to deliver the most user-friendly and dynamic trading environment to the investor.

  • Mobile App

In order to keep up with the fast-paced world, it was extremely important to manage the trading process in the most efficient and cost effective way. This goal was achieved by giving pibexa traders the option to trade by downloading/installing pibexa application on any smartphone. When using the mobile app, the traders can utilize all the options such as charts for asset trends, historical data, latest news on assets etc. For investors trading through the pibexa mobile app, it has proven very convenient and efficient as they have the ability to trade from wherever and whenever they want with a single tap.

Education System

Although it is a common belief among many brokerages to focus only on having their clients invest money in trades, Pibexa’s primary goal is to educate their clients with the most up-to-date trading maneuvers, tactics and trainings, empowering them not just as an investor but educate them enough so they can also act as mentors for new and novice investors. In order to achieve this, Pibexa makes following content available for their registered investors:

  • E-Books

For registered customers who find it easier to read e-books, Pibexa has made e-books available in which forex trading gurus and experts have shared their trading experiences (both good & bad), insights on the trading maneuvers, best tips, dos & don’ts, most profitable assets and most of all, trading advice. The reason behind executing this is to make new investors aware of the hardships that even the best traders have faced in order to achieve where they are today, how much patience was required to achieve their goal and what kept them motivated enough to never lose hope and keep going in the right direction than giving up.

  • Trading Sessions

At pibexa, registered customers are enrolled into the trading sessions that are scheduled throughout the month where traders from all across the world registered under the pibexa flag gather remotely. The purpose for these sessions is to provide investors with a platform where they can share their trading experiences and their gains since they became a part of pibexa and start trading in forex.

The motive behind holding these sessions is to encourage novice traders to learn from each other’s mistakes as well as successes that they have achieved throughout their trading tenure. It provides investors a platform where they can interact with each other and have constructive talks, exploring new ways of making their trading rides even more enjoyable.

  • One-on-One Coaching

While trading sessions are scheduled to gather general perspective of new traders, either the account managers or expert analysts with clients hold one-on-one coaching sessions individually. Although, Pibexa encourages every client to trade independently and without any restrictions, it still keeps their trading activities under close observation in order to ensure that the clients do not end up making a mistake that would result in unnecessary losses to their financial assets.

The purpose of the coaching sessions is to go through any pain points that the clients may have been experiencing that would hinder their trading growth and profits. Once these issues have been presented to the concerned investors, the next step is to find solutions for these problems in order to tackle them in the most effective manner.

  • Academic Program

In addition to all the benefits that have been provided to the clients, Pibexa has also introduced an academic program that is based on three different levels such as beginner, intermediate and veteran. The clients have the option of choosing from either one of the programs, in which they can go through the training content arranged by the trading experts to address clients of all levels.

Customer Support

For a long time, customer service has been playing a key role in uplifting the reputation and building up the rapport of any organization that chooses to invest in order to acquire the best of the resources, and go through different learning modules in order to groom these individuals, who act as the front-liners of the particular organization and represent it with utmost sincerity, responsibility and professionalism.

Pibexa considers itself no different from other organizations when it comes to providing its customers with the best support no matter the level or scope. As Pibexa is a customer oriented brokerage, it has taken the liberty of not only putting together a team of individuals for general customer support, but have also managed to provide their customers with the service of their highly skilled account managers as well as expert analysts, which we will be discussing below:

  • General Support

In order to cater to their clients’ needs and listen to their queries/issues on a general level, Pibexa has put together a team of highly skilled and competent individuals. These individuals are not new to the customer support sector but have spent a decent amount of time in this field and are available at your service 24×7 to listen to your issues.

Doing so, has made them experts of their own field, making them extremely proficient and efficient in identifying the issues/needs of their clients and coming up with the most satisfactory solution. In order to live up to their reputation, pibexa also arranges for these individuals to undergo basic coaching sessions where they are made familiar with the services offered by pibexa and provided with basic trading knowledge, enabling them to assist their customers in a more confident manner.

In addition to the above, these highly skilled representatives are well versed in the SOP(s), scopes and policies so if they identify a query to be higher than their scope, they will escalate it to the relevant team and make you aware of their follow-up service level.

  • Account Manager

At pibexa, the moment you acquire a trading account you are assigned with a dedicated account manager, who will act as your mentor throughout your trading voyage with pibexa. The reason behind this initiative from pibexa is to ensure that each one of their clients are provided with timely assistance, guidance and advice, making their trading experience extremely convenient, and provide them with the most professional environment.

The account managers not only provide you guidance along the way but also focus on grooming your trading skills by keeping a close eye on your trading activities in order to identify the highlights and lowlights. By doing this, they are able to pinpoint the areas where their clients would need to improve as well as those, where their clients are already skilled and polish them even further. They are also responsible for holding one-on-one coaching sessions with their clients, share their insights and work together in order to find a suitable solution for any points stopping the clients from making more profits.

  • Expert Analysts

In order to create the most profitable trading environment for ones clients, especially in the trading market, it is extremely important for the organization to keep up-to-date with the trading events, assets volatility, prices, demands and other causes that can play a role in affecting the position of an asset in any way. This goal is achievable only with a team of analysts who are the experts in observing, monitoring and speculate the market situations with facts & figures and make judgments/forecasts based on these calculations.

Generally, these analysts are busy fulfilling their duties in the background but pibexa has changed this typical perception and has tasked them to hold sessions with their clients, which gives the customers all the professional attention and guidance one can ask for.

Why Trade with Pibexa?

While there is Gazillion brokerages out there ready to provide customers with the best of the best service and benefits beyond anyone’s imagination, then why would one pick Pibexa over others? The answer lies in the services they provide instead of the claims they make. While every brokerage is busy claiming and boasting about the rank they are currently being counted in, Pibexa focuses on providing their customers with the best services through their state of the art trading platform, high-end tools, professional customer support, education system and highly observant team of experts, and many more benefits they have to offer.

Pibexa’s mission is to remain committed and deliver excellence in whichever service they provide because for Pibexa, what matters the most is that their clients can make business decisions based on their own free will and keep trading in the most professional and user-friendly environment.

Choose wisely

No matter how attractive the world of trading may sound and appear to be, there are always risks involved in this trade. While there are many who have and are still making fortunes through forex trading but there’s even a bigger number of the investors/traders who have been unfortunate and most of the times have ended up losing their precious money.

A problem much bigger than people not being fortunate enough in forex trading are the hundreds of fake/fraudulent brokerages developed by scammers only to deprive innocent and novice investors of their life savings. With time, these scammers have also become very advanced and have developed these websites with content and information that looks original and promising. On top of this, these brokerages promise benefits that do the trick and compel investors to make an account on their sites and make deposits. So be careful of where you are investing. You should always ask around about a particular brokerage or investment site through the online forums and gather feedback from the online community before you choose to make an account because if you end up falling prey to these scammers, there is almost no way of recovering your money. To learn more click here.



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