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How Can Keyword Density Help You In Ranking On Search Engines

Search engine optimization is not limited to just a bunch of factors making up for how you rank on search engines. Sometimes it will be the least expected things. But it is in these details that search engines fine perfection in rankings. Just a minor difference in content can make all the difference. Content is a huge element of rankings. In fact, it is everything the fuss is about. Keyword density is an important on page SEO element that makes up for your rankings. You can avoid keyword stuffing using online keyword density checker. Before you check keyword density, you must know in details about it. Here is what it is and how you can use it to improve your search engine rankings.

What is a keyword and keyword density?

When somebody needs to look up grass images on search engines, they type the word grass. If they want to see a specific color of green or yellow grass, they tweak their search term accordingly. When people add a certain type of content on their blogs, they also use methods to communicate to search engines that what topic is their content about. Because this is how the search engines connect the people who want to view yellow grass to yellow grass images and people who want to view green grass to green grass images. A keyword is a word that is repeated frequently in your blog. When the same keyword is search on search engines, you content is viewed to the visitor. In a blog post titled “How to Become an Agent in Stock Market”, when someone makes a Google search about ‘agent in stock market’, your blog post will show. Not just the title should contain the keyword, but also the content should repeat the phrase multiple times.

In SEO, it is a deliberate technique to add a keyword certain number of times to reach out to the right kind of audience. If you want to know the number of searches being made about a certain keyword or want to know the trending keywords in your niche, you can use Google AdWords. Remember that the smaller the rate of searches, the easy it is to dominate that niche. Keyword frequency is measured in terms of percentage times it is repeated in comparison to the total number of words in a text. This is called keyword density of your blog.

How can keyword density affect your SEO?


According to SEO experts, a keyword density ranging from 2 to 3 percent is most optimum. This translates to the use of keyword 2 to 3 times for every 100 words. You have to make sure that this range is not increased. When the keyword density is very high, search engines assume that the content is spam. When the keyword density is too low, it does not even show up when the keyword is searched on the search engines. This is why your keyword density should always be kept at an optimum rate. What is more, you can use multiple SEO tools to help you further keep a check on your keyword density.

How to keep a check on your keyword density?

If you want to keep a check on your keyword density, you can use an online keyword density checker. It is a tool that you first add the content to. Next, you let the tool process the information and see how many percentage times the keyword is used in the blog. You should use the tool before every post is published on the blog.



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