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Best Ways To Avoid Data Loss Writing A Dissertation

A year of work on your dissertation can go down in smoke because you touched the wrong button or spilled coffee on your laptop. Such data loss has caused numerous students to miss graduation and have to repeat the entire project. Hire DissertationTeam to work on your paper and deliver it in record time. You save time, money, and engage in more enjoyable activities in college. 

It is impossible to predict the catastrophe that will lead to loss of data. The calamities range from fire to loss of your laptop, damage, and even forgetting your password. Either way, here are excellent tips to safeguard your data and, therefore, ensure that you meet the submission as well as the graduation deadline. 

  • Save The Data On Multiple Devices 

Do not depend on a single storage device to save your files, data, and other resources you are using for your dissertation. Such backup ensures that in case a disaster happens at home, you will still have all the materials from the office, school, or with a friend. The backup device must not be connected to the one you are using at the moment. For instance, it is insane to save the work in a tablet that you will always carry along with the laptop. In case of loss or a calamity, the two devices will be affected, leading to a total loss of your data. 

  • Use Cloud Storage 

Upload all your files and documents on to a cloud storage facility. Cloud storage allows you to access the files anywhere and at any time. Cloud storage saves you from carrying along with all your computers and memory sticks wherever you go. Such calamities like floods and fire cannot wipe out data that is stored in the cloud facility. You will also be provided with a password that guarantees the safety of your data. 

  • Print Different Sections Once Complete

The world has hard copies of books that were written centuries ago. Printing a hardcopy of a chapter is, therefore, a sure way to avoid IT-related data loss. In case the electronic version gets lost in a flood, fire, or theft, you can still type the printed copy for submission. You might need to print several copies and store them in different areas as backup. 

  • Send To A Friend

Attach the files to an email and send them to friends or relatives. It means that they remain on your email and can also be sent by your friend if the need arises. This is a form of cloud storage that involves a third party. Ensure that the email used is safe to avoid hacking. 

  • Write The Passwords On A Paper 

Loss of passwords is one of the reasons students lose data. Write down the passwords and usernames for safekeeping. Students with multiple passwords and electronic accounts are prone to loss of data through forgotten usernames or passwords. You can always refer to the written paper in case you need to retrieve the files. 

Backup every document or chapter that is important for your paper. Use reliable third parties and multiple locations to safeguard your files. A hard copy could turn out to be your security against electronic loss.



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