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The Best Marketing Strategies on Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

One of the latest people who have benefited from social media marketing is Shou Chew.

Shou Chew, CEO of TikTok, went from having less than 19,000 followers to nearly 3 million in a week. After the Congressional hearing, people began promoting his brand by sharing his content and interviews on various platforms.

If you run a business that is struggling to grow, even with the help of social media, you could be missing key components. Read below to discover the top marketing strategies on social media for 2023!

Use AI Functions

One of this year’s best solutions to social media marketing is driven by AI tech.

AI chatbots can answer questions, resolve issues, and gather data. If you’re busy handling operations most of the day, you can trust that the chatbot will direct customers to their answer or a representative. Depending on how you do your settings, you can offer responses for customers so they don’t have to wait on hold.

Another way you can use AI platforms is by entering keywords. These keywords get generated and AI will create images, sounds, and videos according to what you input. These features will save you time and money and are fun to play with.

Engage with Your Followers

If you were hosting a company event, you wouldn’t want people listening to a lecture and missing out on conversations.

Each time you post content, make a comment, or send a message, you are keeping the conversation going. Interacting with the online community is simple, especially if you aren’t afraid to answer questions.

Although it helps to post articles and content on social media, if you leave it at that, you’re efforts will be for naught. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and answer the ones that people are posting. The more informative and responsive you are, the easier it’ll be to get a loyal following.

Make sure your responses are timely and that you try to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Go Live

Most social media platforms have the option to “Go Live.”

Going “Live” means that you’re making a video and it’s getting uploaded on your page in real time. You can share exciting events or tell stories with this feature, without having to make a permanent post.

Some companies use this feature to promote upcoming sales, where only people that view the stories get a discount. When you add incentives to your Live videos, more people will be willing to join them.

After you gain enough followers, you can host “Live Parties” to connect with the community on a more intimate level.

Think Beyond Facebook and Twitter

More than 60 million Facebook pages are run by small business owners.

Facebook is a great platform for marketing your company, but you don’t want to stop there. Although you can share informative details and content on your page, many people are leaving the platform. Facebook is no longer thriving like it once was, as many people are disappointed with the algorithm and content.

Twitter, another previous powerhouse in the social media world, is also losing people.

If you want to connect with your audience on social media, you should consider other platforms. Pinterest can help you market your brand and build a loyal following. TikTok, however, is ranked as one of the best marketing applications.

Team Up with Influencers

Movie stars were once at the center of attention, but social media has evolved the pop-culture industry.

Online influencers typically have a personal brand they are promoting and have many followers. Depending on your industry, you can work with local and national influencers to spread the word about your brand. For example, Walmart, Lululemon, and Amazon all use influencers to increase sales.

Influencers are known for giving honest feedback and guiding their followers down the right path. If you can’t find an influencer to team up with, you may want to review your marketing goals and audience.

A widely known influencer, Keith Lee, tried food from a Vegas pizzeria and helped blow their sales through the roof. A single video on social media can help businesses that have been around for decades turn into a hotspot.

Give Yourself a Budget

When you look at your company’s marketing budget, you must designate a specific amount for digital efforts.

There are many ways to build your brand on social media without paying for ads, but eventually, you’ll need a budget. From buying materials for the latest TikTok video to paying for sponsored ads, you want to have some money set aside.

A common problem businesses face is that they fail to account for digital marketing expenses in their budget. Separate your digital marketing from print and audio budgets and plans.

Consult with the Experts

Just because you’ve got a wonderful business plan and concept doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

If you’re searching for effective advertising services, Falcon Digital Marketing comes highly recommended. You can work with management companies to learn about innovative solutions and increase revenue.

Marketing companies have experience with platforms and can even help with posting content.

Small businesses that don’t have a marketing department benefit the most from consultations. You don’t have to put more people on your payroll to get help. Management experts can even assist with SEO services and social media audits, or help you create virtual tours of your business premises to boost your visibility and address your specific marketing needs.  

A fresh perspective can help your company dig out of dips and improve processes with marketing.

Work with Graphic Designers

Is your company still using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to make marketing materials?

Outdated marketing holds your company back and isn’t beneficial to conversion rates. Working with a graphic designer can help your company stand out, and you’ll also be utilizing your team better.

Before you make a job posting, check with your employees to see if anyone already has experience. Liberal arts degrees put graduates in diverse fields and positions. For example, your receptionist may be finishing up their graphic designing courses and could help.

Try SEO Marketing Strategies on Social Media

The types of links and keywords you use on posts can influence your company’s success.

Whether you hire an SEO company for help or do it yourself, these strategies will make you more relevant. Adding hyperlinks and shortcuts to your website can increase sales and help build brand awareness. If you aren’t utilizing SEO, your name and content won’t be found at the top of search engines.

Some people will go directly to your social media pages before visiting your website. This is a great stepping-stone to use to get them to your shopping page.

Create an Experience

Do your customers feel inspired or moved when they visit your social media pages?

Social media is a powerful platform since it helps you show the world your brand. You can have a voice on your page by customizing the banner, photos, and content. You must stay consistent with the type of experience you provide and ensure that it correlates with your company mission.

Consistency will help with your digital marketing since customers will be more easily able to recall your brand. Brick-and-mortar stores, like Hollister and Apple, have successfully created memorable experiences for customers.

Stay true to your company mission and goals when you create your experience. Sales start before people start looking at your products, which is why you need to put your best foot forward.

Tell Your Story

You can tell your story in several ways on social media.

Live sessions, page posts, and photographs can tell customers a lot about your brand. When you’re creating your social media account, make sure you take time to share your story with the world. Stories help customers connect with brands and want to discover more.

When you connect with your audience and capture their attention, they are more likely to spend more time on your site. Telling your business story can also help customers understand the needs and purpose of your products or services.

LinkedIn is a perfect platform for storytelling since it’s often used for professional purposes. You can build connections, share your brand, and increase sales with a video or article.

Pay Attention to Your Competitors

There’s nothing wrong with checking your biggest competitors’ social media pages to take notes.

Although you don’t want to copy their plans and layout, you can discover more about how you want to create your online image. Take a look at the websites and social pages of other brands in your industry and write down the features that seem to be effective.

You can save time looking at other pages since you’ll get a better idea of what you want. Creating an image on social media can be challenging, so you want to use all the tools you’ve got.

If you’re not finding enough inspiration, you can expand your search. Go to your favorite brands for clothing, food, and blogs to discover what type of content people want.

Follow a Calendar

No matter how many ideas you’ve got lined up, use a calendar to plan social media marketing campaigns.

Jumping into campaigns without much planning can distract from current ads and content. You don’t want to post too much content, to where it seems ingenuine, but you have to be consistent.

Writing down your posts and objectives on a calendar will keep your efforts organized. Looking at the bigger picture can also ensure you meet deadlines for goals and can afford your marketing materials.

It’s okay to leave days blank, especially if you want to keep up with current events. If you plan too far in advance, your content might lose relevancy.

Use Your Audience to Determine Your Platforms

It seems as though each generation has a preferred social media platform.

Boomers and Gen X typically rely on Facebook, while younger generations are straying from it. If you haven’t defined your audience, you must do so. Customer demographics and your products can help you decide which group you should direct efforts towards.

If you want to connect with Gen Z or Gen Alpha, TikTok is a reliable platform. Make sure your content is appropriate for your audience.

Keep Things Short

Social media is popular for its algorithms and satisfaction from scrolling.

There are times when longer posts are appropriate, but you don’t want to write a novel every time you share something. Diving into too much information can bore your audience and distract from your purpose of marketing.

You must be genuine but only include the necessary details. Review your posts before they go live to ensure you’re getting your point across. The fewer words you share, the better.

Aside from keeping your posts and videos short, you shouldn’t post too many photos at once. Adding an album of 120+ photos won’t be as beneficial as picking out the best ones and highlighting their value.

Follow Trends

You don’t want to rely on trends while making content, but you need to stay updated in your industry.

Knowing what’s going on in your industry will help your company stay relevant. You can do this with social media marketing by paying attention to the strategies leading companies are using.

When you find inspiration from trends, put a unique spin on the strategy or content style to help with branding. The latest news and tech should inspire your social media marketing strategy, which will evolve.

Put the Power of Social Media to Good Use

Social media has transformed the world. Connecting people and businesses that were never expected to come together.

Learning the latest marketing strategies on social media can help you stand out from competitors and improve sales. Many people use these platforms to spread the word about their companies because they are interactive and affordable, if not free of cost. When you discover the power of social media, you can make the most of your marketing plans and budget.

If you want to learn more about improving brand awareness and sales, check out our page for the newest content.



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