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Best Apple Charger Cables that Outline Fast and Efficient Charging of Your Devices

While investing in your Apple devices whether it is an iPhone or an iPad, you will be provided with a lightning cable for ensuring that your devices are always full on battery. However, having a single charging cable for your Apple devices can often be problematic thing especially when you have to carry your devices to work or out of your home space. This calls for investing and outfitting your accessory ensemble with one or two spare charging cables. Thanks to this high preference of Apple users all around the world, there are many certified cables in the market that are known for fast charging your Apple devices.

With that being said, if you are looking for buying an Apple charger cable and want to invest in something that can provide quick charge with fast data transmission, here is a list of the top lightning cables in the market right now:

Anker Powerline+ II

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This charging cable from Anker comes with a heavy-duty nylon braided design that can effectively withstand all sorts of entanglement issues and reducing the bend lifespan. Boasting of being a strong cable with a lifelong replacement warranty, this quality cable from Anker can take care of your devices’ battery and ensure that you never run out of charge. The lightweight and compact structure also account great for traveling, as the smartly braced points in the connectors can well fight the tugs without any damage.

Belkin MIXIT Flat Cable

Apple Certified

Known for no twisting, tangling or fraying, the flattened cable structure from Belkin can serve to be the best solution for those Apple users who carry their device and accessories loosely in their pockets and backpacks. Apart from its ability to resist entanglement, the MFi certified cable from Belkin is meticulously crafted to last longer than standard wired cables and connectors. The best part of equipping your mobile accessory with this cable is that it provides you with the flexibility to charge your device even with a thick case on.

Fuse Chicken Titan Plus

Fuse Chicken Titan Plus

If you are a homeowner with pets around your place, safeguarding your charging cable from getting chewed becomes a huge concern. In order to save your cable from getting chewed buy your puppy or cat, Fuse Chicken Titan Plus offers a rigid lightning cable that is known for its pet-proof attributes. With a durable construction of a dual layer of flexible steel, this lightning cable ensures military-grade housing over the cable and connectors.

Apple USB-C to Lightning

USB 2.0 Type C to Lig

Crafted especially for the “iPad Pro” users, this cable offers you the opportunity to connect the latest MacBook to other Apple devices, thanks to the introduction of USB-C port on MacBooks. Being MFi certified and versatile in nature of charging multiple devices ensuring high charging performance, this cable can cater to all your needs as an Apple user.


Finally, this list will help you in finding the right cable with the exact features that were missing in your previous cables. Choose the right one that easily fits your devices while providing seamless connectivity.




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