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Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

The use of technology in the field of education is a new trend that isa positive change in theteaching. For all the mentors, pupils, parents, and policy makers it is a good step to add technology in the classroom. Teachers are using this technology in their classrooms and professors are doing research on the new methods of teaching through technology. Technology helps the teachers in engaging the students in learning and preparing them to participate in the classroom actively.

Students are inhabitants of the world of technology. They live with technology all the time. However, the use of technology in the class is not just limited to the digital devices. It is relevant to everything that is handy for the interaction between the mentors and pupils. The use of smart phones, computers, laptops, and tablets is very common for teaching and learning in the classroom. Technology is the best source for developing engagement as well as effectiveness.


There are several benefits of the use of technology in the classroom. Let us have a look at few of them.

Enhance Engagementand Learning

Technology is beneficial for an active learning. A teacher can enhance engagement by conducting an online survey and by asking questions during the lectures. The use of digital textbooks along with the links torelevant sources will also enhance the learning skills among the students. They can also change the classrooms into flipped classrooms for a better learning environment.

Students Participation

Online surveys and the other tools are helpful for the shy students as well becausethey do not participate in the class. The teachers can use this online system for the feedback of students relevant to their course as well as assignments. The use of data analytics will help them to find out the point where students are not clear about the concepts they are teaching. In this way, they can plan their course work according to the requirements of the students.

Teachers can also conduct a quiz in the initial days of the class for knowing the familiarity of students with the subject they are teaching. It will help them to know about the areas they should give more attention. They can conduct the similar quiz at the accomplishment of the course to gauge the students learning about the subject.

Tools for Teaching

There are various tools for teaching in the classroom like e-textbooks, interactive whiteboards,interactive touch screens, interactive projectors, apps, etc. These tools are ideal for a better teaching in the classroom. Teachers can plan different activities for the students by using these tools.

Technology Makes Things Easier

Technology helps in doing things faster. Teachers can perform time-consuming activities easily by using technology. They can computerize the record of student’s performance as well as their attendance. They can use engagement tools for the evaluation of students’ assignments and their participation in the class activities.

Latest Information

Technology in the classroom will be helpful for the students. They will get the latest information in their textbooks and can suggest the material for their course as well. They can work online together, can communicate with their teachers online, and can discuss ideas with each other about the new inventions and discoveries.

Technology is everything

It is essential to equip our students with the digital skills. They must be aware of the way to create presentations. They must be aware of the difference between the authentic and unauthentic sources they are using on the internet. They must be aware of the ethics of using the internet and other sources. It will be possible only with the use of technology in the classroom where they will learn all these skills practically. These skills will be there with them throughout their life.



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