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AOMEI 2022’s World Backup Day Giveaway Is Here

With the development of technology, data is more and more important in our life. If important data is lost, it will make our life face some troubles. So backing up our data can help us solve these unnecessary troubles. AOMEI’s products, such as AOMEI backupper, AOMEI MBackupper and other products, can help us back up easily and never face the trouble of data loss again.

Aomei Technology has been focusing on the data backup field for 12 years. After years of painstaking research, it has a number of patented technologies. They are committed to protecting our data, and their purpose is to make the world’s data more secure. This also allows more users to choose their products.

On March 31, it is the famous World Backup Day. In order to give back to users and remind everyone to pay attention to this special day. AOMEI provides our users with a 2022 World Backup Day giveaway activity. Different from the previous activities, this one contains several main products of AOMEI. They each have their own characteristics, and they are sure to meet everyone’s different needs. Products participating in this event include:

AOMEI Backupper: AOMEI Backupper is mainly to provide users with functions such as information clone, backup and restore. The entire product web page has no redundant advertisements, and the download process and installation process are very easy. The APP version has a simple interface and is easy for novices to operate.

AOMEI Data Recovery Assistant: This product supports different iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. And can Export restored data to PC for backup and transfer.

AOMEI MBackupper: In AOMEI MBackupper, photo backup and custom backup are its main functions, and at the same time, it can realize fast transfer of files between mobile phones and computers, which is very convenient and safe. And you can backup WeChat chat history and so on.

CBackup: CBackup is a online backup that supports more than 30 cloud services, and you can use one application to manage multiple cloud files by registering on the website. It’s very practical.

Giveaway time: March 15, 2022 –April 1, 2022

The above four products can be obtained for FREE during the event. You can directly click on the link to download the installation package, and the license key can be obtained in the installation package. After downloading, you need to install the product as soon as possible. Such an opportunity, once missed, will be forever gone, act now!!!

Giveaway Entrance:



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