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Activision Sues EngineOwning for Modern Warfare 2

The popular game cheat provider EngineOwning has been accused by Activision of robbing players of their money. The company is now suing EngineOwning to shut them down and recover any money they made from the cheating software. It is not clear how long the lawsuit will last.

Activision wants to shut down game cheat provider Engine Owning

Activision has filed a lawsuit against prominent game cheat provider EngineOwning, claiming that their cheating software has harmed the company’s sales. The lawsuit, filed in January 2022, requests that EngineOwning cease operations and return all monetary proceeds. It was previously reported that EngineOwning was the largest provider of cheats for the Call of Duty series, but now Activision wants to shut down the company’s website and halt the sale of cheats for the game.

Activision estimates that cheating has cost the company millions of dollars and has been a long-time problem for the company. The latest move comes after Activision implemented the Ricochet anti-cheat system in Warzone and Vanguard, which was labeled a huge success. The company has banned thousands of accounts since implementing the new system.

Activision accuses EngineOwning of racketeering

Activision is accusing cheat makers of racketeering after a PCGamer observer alleged that cheats were being sold in the game by Activision is suing EngineOwning for the profits that it says the cheat makers reaped from their operations.

Activision has filed suit against EngineOwning, a German-based organization that sells cheat software for Call of Duty games. The lawsuit alleges that the group and individual sellers were conspiring to sell cheats to damage the Call of Duty franchise. Although Activision has taken steps to combat cheaters in its games, the presence of hackers is a serious threat to the fairness of multiplayer games.

The game’s cheating problems started even before the beta test for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released. Early access to the game’s campaign was made available to players who pre-ordered the game. Although Activision removed the requirement for Overwatch players, it remains for Modern Warfare 2 players. The company argues that the requirement is necessary to prevent cheating in PC games. However, the game’s developers warn that prepaid numbers may not be compatible with the game’s cheating mechanism.

Activision demands that EngineOwning “shut down the cheating software”

EngineOwning, the developer of Modern Warfare 2 cheat software, is facing a lawsuit by Activision. The company is being sued for allegedly trafficking in circumvention devices and interfering with contractual relations. Activision alleges that cheating software is a threat to the reputation of the games, and it is asking for damages of up to $2,500 per contravention.

The lawsuit aims to shut down cheating software for Modern Warfare 2 and other games by EngineOwning. The company is also demanding that it return any money it made from cheats sales. In addition, Activision alleges that EngineOwning’s software violates the DMCA and RICO laws. The company says that “the cheating software RICOCHET” is a violation of the law.

Activision wants to recover money made by EngineOwning

EngineOwning is a German-based group that has been developing cheat codes for Call of Duty games. Activision is suing EngineOwning because of its “conspiracies to sell cheats, which conspired to undermine” the Call of Duty games. Although Activision has attempted to combat cheats in-game, it has been difficult to eliminate the possibility of cheating in multiplayer games.

Activision has filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning and wants it to shut down its operations and give back any money made through the sale of cheat codes. The company is also facing lawsuits from its employees.



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