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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is dropping

Businesses worldwide are growing, and the internet is responsible for business growth today. Almost 91% of small businesses are making use of websites, making websites key indigents of every modern business. Many websites use SEO services in India to rank higher on the search engine, SEO services play a vital role in the lifetime of a website.

Your business has a suitable website means customers all around the globe can find you anywhere and anytime with just a click away. Having proper SEO services in India can give your website extra creditability on the internet search engine.

A website can help spread brand awareness of your business and give your business a unique identification. As clients and customers can always visit your business website to view, this can help your business gain customer loyalty and more sales.

In modern times every business has a website, small, enterprise-level or corporate all sorts of businesses today own a customized website, this creates a highly competitive environment.

The search engine has a limited scope as the top 10 to 15 rankers always own more business, it’s very competitive on the internet and always a challenge to rank your website. Many websites compete at the same time on the same keyword, making it tougher for new players to enter the race and a certain duration of time for the new players to become top rankers.

SEO services in India are the best solution that can solve the website ranking challenge, but still there are many components of a website which determine the success parameters lets today discuss 5 possible reasons which can be a reason of your website ranking slipping down.

Keyword Mapping

Keywords are the key to the success of your website, the internet search engine works on the basis of keywords.

The keywords which are suitable to your business hold the keys to success. Your website content must contain keywords that suit your business and which are more likely to bring you more business from the search engine.

Your website should contain proper title, headings ad subheadings with suitable keywords which can help the Google algorithm detect what content your website is full of The google search engine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) so this makes it more sensible to feed the AI with proper keywords and content. A well-framed website contains a proper hierarchy of titles, headings, and subheadings.

Not having a proper website structure of keywords can be the first cause of your website ranking drop.

Website Content:

The website is a flood full of informative content related to a particular business or product.

In modern times the competition is tough and the google algorithm has become more intelligent with its AI technology. Making it more challenging for websites to rank following the google guidelines to rank on the search engine.

The content consists of keywords and a proper hierarchy of headings structure, technically known as SEO-friendly content, which helps the website rank higher.

SEO-friendly content consists of all the imprudence of keywords, headings, tags, backlinks, and the proper structure of writing.

SEO Friendly content helps on-page activities of the website, on-page is everything related to the content which is on the website. Good SEO Friendly content can work wonders for your small business website, many times the SEO prospect of on-page website content is not taken into consideration. Eventually leading to a downfall of website ranking. Connecting to SEO Services Company in India is best suggested to fix the On-page SEO.


Off-page SEO consists of backlink creation, backlinks direct google that the website is more important as it contains a certain amount of backlinks and the content is valuable.

In simple terms backlinks help increase the value of your website in the eyes of the search engine, this eventually leads your website to rank higher on a particular keyword.

Often small businesses don’t focus much on backlink creation, this leads to a major downfall in the website ranking.

Meta Description:

Every website has a Meta description, the short 150 to 160 characters that appear with the website link below the google SERP are the Meta description.

A meta description gives a short overview of your website content, Google says that meta description is not directly correlated to the search engine ranking but directly related to SEO activities of the website, and this plays a very important role in rankings indirectly.

Often businesses don’t realize the worth of Meta descriptions and fail to mention keywords in the starting phrases. This indirectly affects the SEO activities, handing an advantage to the competitor who mentions keywords into their meta description. Having a glance at your intro Meta description and stuffing it with relevant keywords can help raise your website from the downfall of ranking.

Website Page Speed:

The speed of loading of your website matters, websites that load faster attract more traffic and are able to rank higher on the google search engine . As Google takes into consideration the website loading speed as a success matrix of your website ranking.  Not optimized Java scripts, Images, and many other factors can affect the loading of your website.

Small businesses often forget to connect or keep in touch with the developer for errors, this creates problems and thus leads to website page loading slower.

Proper website optimization is key to your business success connecting to a website company in Noida can help your business avoid a wide range of problems.

Website SEO Services

SEO services in India are a must for every growing business or organization, there are many SEO companies in Noida but standing out from the crowd is RS Organisation the best SEO Company in Noida.

RS Organisation is also a fine website designing company in Noida that also provides regular website audit to its clients and creative, responsive websites for businesses at competitive prices.

RS Organisation provides all SEO, Digital Marketing, and Website Designing services to its clients under one roof.

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