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3 Ways to Promote Your Garment Business through Instagram

Instagram being a visual platform is the top site to promote your garment, apparel, and fashion business. So if you have not used the photo-sharing platform to its full potential, it is time to do now. Did you know that there are more 77 million users on Instagram in the United States alone? Out of these, 49 percent are women who are more fashion conscious than men are. Therefore, if you are still thinking, you may lag in your marketing efforts to take your fashion business to the next level. The audience on this image-sharing site shows their interest in fashion, beauty products, lifestyle merchandise, and love sharing photos and videos. Therefore, if you want to see your garment brand take off, here are three smart tips to help you:

  1. Build a Powerful Instagram Profile

This strategy is true for all social media sites, but more essential on Instagram. Think and brainstorm ideas about what cover image and avatar you will use for your clothing brand. Hire a seasoned copywriter if you want the best description for your business. Most important, never forget to link your fashion website to your Instagram profile in the bio section. Request your followers to tag you with their brand name so that people can have a look at their posts. It will help in boosting the level of engagement in the bio itself.

  1. Use Related Hashtags

Besides a catchy and witty title and description, your Instagram posts should also include relevant hashtags. Make sure you use the best three or four hashtags. For example, you can consider hashtags such as #streetwear, #clothingline, #shirtdesign, #apparelbrand, and much more. However, do not clutter your post with too many hashtags. Focus on brand-related ones for every item, and each time you post a photo of that collection, use that specific hashtag. If an individual purchases that product and posts on Instagram, others may like to use the particular hashtag. Even you can inspire them to use it. This way, you do not need to buy real Instagram likes, but earn them naturally through your posts.

  1. Brand Your Visuals

While posting photos of your clothing line, create a look and feel that remains uniform in all your Instagram posts. Make your posts look consistent. You can achieve this task with the continuous use of filters. You can even choose to create a unique look for your images that do not use the typical Instagram filters. If you have the budget, you can hire a professional fashion photographer to click images. You can post them on your Instagram page. A reputed photographer will click photos that look unique and stunning. You must stand out from the crowd by maintaining consistency in your visuals.


Marketing your garment brand is not easy on Instagram if you are new to this platform. Try these tips and start promoting your fashion website and drive traffic. Marketing on Instagram is a long game, and therefore you must show patience to see the desired results. You cannot achieve success overnight.



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