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10 Best Study Apps for Student

Previously as a student, you had to face tonnes of difficulties. It can be of sharing notes or finding the right source. Although, with the internet and the latest applications everything has become so accessible and easy. You can easily share notes on the go and make your own study plans. But, the best part is that as a student you don’t have to reach your teacher for each and every small query. Therefore, if you still haven’t found good applications for you too help with your studies then here are 10 Best Study Apps that you can start using now How Can We Prevent Child Poverty in the UK?.

1. RefME

Original ideas are hard to come by, I am talking about ideas that come from scratch like gravitation or quantum physics for instance. If you are creating a piece of work or doing any sort of assignment then it is very important to keep your citations in check. Citations are important because you need to tell where the idea and the concept came from. Otherwise, your piece of work might look plagiarised. RefME helps you with your citations and give you access to over 6500 styles. With RefME you are getting 30 other sources including dvd’s and Legal Docs. Also, you can easily get your citations in the trail just by using the application, it can even scan the barcode of the book you read in the library and add it to your citation. You can also synchronize your work with the RefME that is available on both IOS and Android.

2. StudyBlue

Have you ever felt that keeping a track of your study material and notes is hard? Do you feel that if all your notes and work can be stored in one place then your studies can be way more productive? If yes? Then we give you StudyBlue. StudyBlue helps you store your notes in a centralized manner so that you can access them anywhere even with your smartphone. StudyBlue helps you make flashcards and stores your notes based on what you have accomplished and what you need to master. Can You Really Set Up A Business Without Money?

The app also allows you to share your class notes as well as give rights to add some more to your already made study plan. It is a free application and is available on both IOS and Android Platform.


I know being a student can be hard at times, I have been through that so I can understand especially if you wish to stand out. Although in order to stand out you need to have something that is out of the box, it may be in your head but you aren’t able to access it. Evernote is the application that helps you with this problem of yours. With Evernote, you can store whatever you want. You are looking out for ideas and the world is the best place for it. All you need to do is store that idea in Evernote. The applications help you store different types of ideas, images, addresses, book references, and much more. Also, the best part is that it is completely free. If you are thinking of getting the application then it is available for both IOS and Android.

4.Oxford Dictionary

C5N36H Dictionary

Did you remember those old times when if you weren’t able to understand any word you might have to open your Oxford Dictionary to know its meaning? Well, that bulky dictionary can now fit inside your pockets. Oxford Dictionary Application is available on both IOS and Android. The application allows you to search for any new word. Although, it never gets old because of the usual updates. You can also search for various phrases and the meaning of it. Also, the application helps you pronounce the word well with over 75,000 pronunciations.


Thinking of learning something new but don’t know where you can learn it. You have tried Youtube and various tutorials over it but they are not that concise and don’t even clear your doubts at times. Well, here is what you can call a single platform to learn anything be it software courses or guitar tutorials. With Udemy you get a great listing of courses related to the different niche. Udemy gets you tutorial videos and step by step learning plan. You can also check the rating of the courses and decide for yourself to purchase. Also, the application gets you online certification. All you need to do is just buy courses on the application and access it wherever you want. Also, the service provides Udemy Promo Code to help you save some money on your favorite courses.

6. My Homework Student Planner

It can be a really great application for any student. With a number of subjects that you have, it becomes difficult for you as a student to keep a track of your homework. My Homework applications help you keep a track of all your homework at one place. You can maintain your calendar and check for your late homework or the ones you have completed. The app also lets you connect with your teacher. Also, in case there are any announcements from your teacher then you can check them out on the application.


SImpleMind lets you develop your idea the way you may have never imagined. The app allows you to divide your work in a structural way. You can divide the work based on graphical representation where you can access data, add it, and make relevant changes. You can make a map of your work and add horizontal as well as vertical layers to work upon. You can add images, videos, and voice notes to better develop your overall project. The best part is that you can add all that relevant information using your smartphone and Tablet.

8.Google Drive

If you haven’t heard about the application then you are probably living under a rock. Although it comes as a standard application in your smartphones, it is more of a service by Google. Google Drive lets you store all your documents online. You can access all those documents using any smart device and your laptop. Other than docs you can also create sheets and presentations on the go. The applications also let you share all that information with your peers very easily.

9.Exam Countdown Lite

Here is a really interesting application for all those who need to keep a track of their coming examinations. We often tend to procrastinate our studies till the time of the exam comes. Also, forgetting tests is a common mistake done by most of the student. With this application, you can customize all that information and select the color of choice to mark the test. The application will set a countdown to all your exams. It is a must have for a student and is available on both Android and IOS.


Well if you are a french or a Spanish student then this application is right up your alley. Duolingo gives you almost 37 languages that you can learn from the application. It is a free application that is available on both Android as well as IOS. The application also has various quizzes for you to check and improve your dexterity. Also, if you are a student of any foreign language then the application can come real handy.

So these were some of the best application that you can use to improve your studies. We hope the article might have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.



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