How to Grow Your YouTube Channel


YouTube records over one billion unique visitors every month. At the same time, countless users enjoy over 6 billion hours of content. It is clear that, for brands as well as for creative individuals, YouTube is an opportunity not to be missed to introduce yourself, talk about yourself, and connect with the public. So, how to grow your YouTube views and subscribers? There are some services that help you gain  YouTube views  via promoting your videos to the target audience of your choice but here are some other tips that can help you grow your YouTube channel:

Promotion on other social channels

Each social network has its nature, characteristics, languages, and communication style. Often, each reaches different audiences. Choosing to publish the same content on multiple platforms does not always pay in terms of effectiveness. However, using social media to promote the YouTube channel can be extremely useful to give the latter wide resonance. The trick is to use others’ social media channels to involve their YouTube subscribers.

Find interesting ways to interact with other established authors and YouTubers. At first, you may have a hard time finding your uniqueness. That’s the hardest part of all. When you have something to share, others will pick on it as they realize the potential of your content. In exchange, you will get free exposure and publicity.

Email Marketing

Sending periodic emails to your YouTube subscribers to notify them when a new video is released, or to draw attention to older but significant videos, has been the standard until YouTube itself utilized the notification button.

You can still profit from email marketing strategies by keeping a blog and making new contacts. Just attract visitors with giveaways, contests, and other interactive gimmicks to lure them to subscribe. Brands do this all the time by luring new potential customers with special deals and discounts. You have to offer quality exclusive content that they can integrate with your videos to generate more YouTube views and word of mouth.

Video ads

YouTube video ads are a good opportunity to make yourself known, as they allow you to select your target audience based on gender, age, interests, and locations. You can choose between different ad formats that best suits your needs.

Many underestimates that video ads work. That’s why YouTube pays for its Partnership Program in the first place. As your YouTube channel grows, no wonder that you may find it difficult to grow even more. That’s why you are probably avoiding spending money via free techniques. By using free methods, you will learn something new every day. But, if you want to reach greatness, you need a strategy. Take little risks once in a while,and refine your video ads strategy.

Follow the YouTube Creators channel

YouTube wants you to succeed. It might want to thoroughly examine which partner to let in the family, but it sure desires you to create content that loyal YouTube subscribers will want to watch while it is still absolutely free. To get the best of both worlds, YouTube Creators offers videos about how to create better videos and get new subscribers.

You can spend a month watching all that content, and you will find many strategies and ideas that you need to implement. To better use this resource, you should find a suggestion that you like doing. Once you mastered the suggestion, you should tweak it. See if you can adapt it to your channel. All that content relates to successful channels. They won’t apply exactly to yours, but the concept remains valid over time.


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