What Makes a Good Router Brand?


Keep in mind that routers from a good brand don’t necessarily need to be industrialized further. We’re not talking about individual router models or specific features like triband WiFi or service quality priorities. We speak of the overall quality of all offers what we mean by famous router brands.

Price and value. Do you get what you pay for? Do you get more than you paid? Are routers offered at competitive prices and are the prices compatible with the features provided?

Quality and Reliability. Are the products built to survive? Are selected materials used for production, or is the brand quality of artistry scarce to cut the price by a few dollars? Customer Service. Are people happy with the brand’s products? How far can they go to resolve any issues that arise? Ultimately, the brand is just one of several factors to consider when buying a router, but this is important. There’s nothing worse than spending $ 100 on a router that goes down in six months and is backed by terrible customer service.

Recommended Wireless Router Brands

A short note in advance: No brand is perfect. It is like the business but is particularly true for devices and devices. Generally, these brands have a long tradition of producing good things, but they can suddenly appear from time to time. I only know that this is normal.

1. Google

You probably don’t think of Google as a router manufacturer, but in 2015 Google launched its new OnHub router, and we want to let you know that it’s fantastic and worth a look. The OnHub is available in two versions, one from Asus and one from TP-Link (UK). We recommend both brands, but they are more or less the same: the TP-Link has a stronger WiFi signal, while Asus allows you to set the device’s network priorities with just one gesture

It is the most popular router today. So if you are looking for something other than the cheapest router, give it a try. Google has had a lot of experience with phones, tablets and Chromebook. What made the machine

2. TP-Link

In recent years, TP-Link has become one of the favourite brands of network-related accessories. Existence of a Chinese company; its products are not the same quality as other “Chinese made devices.”

In a nutshell: The TP-Link is for value buyers. Not only will you find something as exciting as the Nighthawk on the net, but you’ll also find powerful tools that will blow your doodle.

3. Asus

Regardless of whether you prefer high class or low class, Asus routers are among the best on the market – but especially if you have a budget for one of the more top-class models. My only drawback is that they are a flashy and “gamer.”

Asus RT-AC88U (UK) is probably the best consumer-oriented router at the moment. At almost $ 300, it will hurt the portfolio, but there are not many others who can compete with its feature set.

4. Netgear


There is a critical limitation that Netgear’s recommendation accompanies: the higher budget models are fantastic, but the lower budget models are almost terrible. As extended as you take this into account when buying Netgear, this is probably fine.

The Netgear Nighthawk X8 (UK) is the largest and worst router for end-users today – and we mean it accessible the best possible way. However, if the price of $ 400 prevents that, the Netgear R6400 (UK) is the most sensible option for most home users. Again, Netgear can be a hit or miss when it comes to router selection. If in doubt, check the users’ analyzes and carry out the necessary research.

5. Linksys

When I was a kid, Linksys was my favourite router brand that didn’t know anything good (to be honest, Linksys was amazing then). I’m not saying the brand is terrible right now, but you have to be careful.

The thing about Linksys is that it’s launching around 150 dollars worth of performance an, on the other hand, the Linksys WRT 1900AAS (UK) is perfect if you have a high-speed Internet and a busy home.

Which Wireless Router Do You Have?

You are welcome to purchase a router that does not belong to any of the brands mentioned above. In no case am I saying that these five are the only ones worth buying! However, you will find some brands that you can consider twice:

• Wireless amplifier

• Belkin

• buffalo

• Medialink

• Synology

These brands do not show good results in user reviews on sites such as Amazon and Newegg, mainly because they lack strength and durability. In other words, there are positive reviews, but getting them is more complicated. (However, Synology makes fantastic NAS storage devices.)

Another brand of routers that you might consider is D-Link. If you end up choosing this, learn how to secure your D-Link wireless router.


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