Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques


We cannot deny that we live in an eminently audiovisual society in which images and videos fill everything: music videos, television commercials, series, newspaper reports, documentaries, short films, films of all kinds … The audiovisual sector moves a growing volume of work and money year after year in which video editing is essential.

What is video editing?

When we talk about any audiovisual project we can divide its development into three phases: the first, the creative one, in which we have the idea, we shape the script and we look for locations and professionals to develop it at all levels; the second, the shooting itself and the third, the editing, also called assembly or postproduction. And all three are equally important because a failure in any of them can disrupt the entire project. We can say that in the video edition we take care of joining the loose pieces that we have collected during the filming phase and polishing them so that they have the sense that we had thought in the creation phase and that it is aesthetically acceptable. When we are embarked on any audiovisual work we seek not only to teach but also and above all to transmit ideas and emotions that make the viewer attracted to our work.

What we need for a good video editing

1. Good and complete professionals. It is not enough to know the video editing programs to do a good job. Doing so makes us technically qualified editors, but what about aesthetics? Is it possible to make a good video editing by simply retouching plans, lighting, rhythm … but without paying attention to what the images are transmitting? Surely yes, but the result will not be of the same quality. Do not miss anything to improvise and take care of every little detail to turn your editing work into a masterpiece.

2. Good material. We can do little if the shooting of the project has been a disaster. Rate the possibilities of each piece and what you can contribute with the edition to those parts that, in your view, are not up to par.

3. Good technical equipment. It is key to develop our full potential. Having equipment equipped with After effects and Adobe Premiere, the two most used programs today in video editing is the basic starting point.

Main video editing tools

There are two programs that we use most frequently in video editing:

  1. FlexClip : FlexClip is an online easy-to-use video editing tool, which allows you to create sequences of images, advertisements, tutorials effortlessly. You have flashy designs, sophisticated video editing tools (very easy to use) and numerous possibilities to include texts, music, voiceover or some other basic effects. One of its great assets is that it is designed precisely for people outside the design. Without having prior knowledge of editing and editing, you still can create short videos in minutes. 
  • IMovie: The iMovie application allows you to edit your own videos on Mac, whether large or small. It is a fairly complete editor that you can use on your Apple computer, on your iPhone, iPad, etc. The interface of this program is like that of any other editing program, it has a preview screen, a timeline to which to add our video and audio clips, and another screen for importing the files where we can also select labels, backgrounds, audios, transitions, effects … With iMovie, you can edit easily and without worrying about the performance of your pc since it consumes much fewer resources than other video editing programs.

In conclusion

As we said at the beginning of this article, video production work is fundamental in the audiovisual industry. The producers, who work on products of all kinds, will be the ideal professional environment in which you will move. Commercials, television series, short films and feature films are part of its daily work. But video editors are also necessary for television programs, news programs, the music industry, the development of web pages, which use videos more and more frequently, social networks, institutional settings, communication agencies …


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