How To Perform Pre Marriage Investigation?


In many cases, it has been seen that lack of information about potential spouse or in-laws related to financial, professional, personal or any health issue leads to becoming a piece of regret later. A ​ Pre-Marriage Investigation provides you relevant information about your likely partner and your in-laws also in order to clear your doubts and provides liquidity in your relation. 

What is a Premarital Investigation

A premarital background check discloses the financial, professional, personal and habitual information of the subject of an investigation to you. Pre marital investigation is the process in which a matrimonial investigator can review the information which can be hidden by you that can ruin your mental peace later. 

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What is the Importance of Pre-Marriage Investigation

In today’s society, pre-marriage investigation has become the need of people who are looking to get married. There are various factors on which you can investigate your partner such as :

  • Any past or present relationship
  • Divorce case (if any)
  • About habitual Activities
  • About financial and social reputation
  • Bad habits such as Gambling, drinking, bad behaviour.
  • Any health issue or mental Illness

Having Past Relationship

You must be aware that your likely partner is not in a relationship with someone else right now which he/she wants to continue even after marriage. You need to contact a premarital detective agency that will ensure you about his relations with others. By this, you can also get ensure about his daily activities.

Divorce case 

You need to investigate whether he/she has any past marriage or not. If yes then what would be the reason for divorce. Divorce was not caused by any reason in which the partner was at fault or the reason he told is true or false. Definitely, You would not want to spend your life with a cheater. To save your life from this you should stay in touch with a premarital detective agency and undertake a premarital background check of your potential spouse. 

About Habitual Activities

Do you know it is very important to meet the habits of both individuals in order to live a good life. And this is absolutely true. If you are fond of something and you get a partner who also likes to do that thing will eventually enhance the bond of you both. This increase the chances of falling in love with one another in a small interval. With the help of pre matrimonial investigation services, you can investigate this.

About Finacial And Social Reputation

It majorly becomes a bone of contention later in a marriage. You must be aware about the financial income or his/her social reputation. His working schedules and much more. By this, you will get to know about him and his reputation in society. 

Any Bad Habits

You should aware that the person with whom you want to spend life has not fallen into any wrong company or habit like gambling, alcohol or something else. Because these bad habits, later on, become the reason for an extreme level of conflicts in between of you which turns a healthy relationship into the toxic one. A prior investigation or pre matrimonial verification is better than a later regret. 

Any Health Issue or Mental Illness

You can investigate whether your potential partner is physically or mentally healthy or not. Sometimes things can be hidden from you. Hence investigation before marriage is important and With the help of a Pre marital investigation, you can unveil these things to yourself. 

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There are several Premarital Detective Agency having a team of matrimonial investigators that provides various matrimonial investigation services. They investigate as per the requirement of the client and always stay updated with you. They provide 24/7 surveillance to the subject and gather the entire relevant information and give you an efficient report. 


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