How to Download IG Videos


As a social media service provider who wants to protect the privacy of its users, Instagram does not allow anyone to take photos or videos of users either through applications or websites.

Well, to overcome this, Smart Tips want to let you know tips and tricks for downloading videos or photos from Instagram.

The way is really easy guys, you can even do it quickly and easily. The following Smart Tips present how to download IG videos via smartphone and PC.

How to Download IG Videos on Android

On Android, you can do everything. Starting from downloading YouTube videos, Facebook, and even Instagram. Now, to download IG videos via Android, there are several ways that you can use, that is, without using an application and using an application.

The method is also very easy, guys. You just copy the link, then paste it. Then automatically Instagram videos will be stored in your memory. Well, if you are still confused about how to do it, let us tell you the steps to download the IG video.

How to Download IG Videos Without Applications

How to download IG videos without additional applications you can do by using several video download sites. One site you can use is Ig Video Downloader. On this site, you can download any video on Instagram.

In addition to downloading videos on Instagram, this site can also be used to download videos and Photos.

Here is how to use the site to download Instagram videos.

  • Open your Instagram. Then find the photo or video you want to download. Then click the dot icon in the top right corner, then select “Copy Link”.
  • Open the browser on your Android. Then open the “” site.
  • Paste the video link that you just copied into the column provided. Don’t forget to click the “Dredown” button.
  • DreDown will automatically display the download link button. Click the button to download the video.

Automatically downloaded videos will be stored in your smartphone memory. How are you guys? It’s really easy to use DreDown.

“Min, isn’t there another Instagram video download site?”

The answer, there are definitely guys. So besides DreDown, there are still other sites that you can use.

Here are recommendations for Instagram video download sites that you can use:

Those are some recommendations of Instagram video download sites that we highly recommend for you to use.

If you want to find another site, you can visit Smart Tips about the Instagram video download site.

How to Download Videos on Instagram Using the Application

Besides without the application, there are also tablets for how to download Instagram videos using an application that is easy to use.

Of course you will also feel some other advantages, compared without using an application.

Here are some advantages if downloading videos using additional applications:

  • Easy to use.
  • Does not take long.
  • Faster download process.

Those are some advantages if you use additional applications to download Instagram videos.

One application that you can use to download Instagram videos is FastSave for Instagram guys.

You can find this application in the Play Store, so it’s really easy to download.

Well, if you want to know how to download IG videos through this application, just listen to the following way.

  • Install the FastSave for Instagram application from Play Store.
  • Open the application, then you can activate it by sliding the “toggle” to the right. Then you select “Open Instagram”.
  • Select the photo video or you want to download. After selecting, you select the menu option (button dot three) that is above the photo or video. Select the “Copy Link” option.
  • The FastSave for Instagram application will automatically download the photo or video you just selected.

In order for downloads to run optimally, you must ensure that your internet connection runs smoothly.

In addition to FastSave for Instagram, you can also use other downloader applications which of course can be used to download Instagram videos.

There are many scattered applications to download Instagram videos such as:

  • Quick Save
  • Video Downloader for Instagram
  • Inst download

Not enough with the application provided? Go directly to the app to download Instagram videos!

 How to Download IG Videos on iPhone

“Min, I’m an iPhone user, is there really a way to save Instagram videos on the iPhone?”

Wow, wow, of course there are guys. So besides via Android, you can also download IG videos through an iPhone device.

Of course the way is the same as on Android guys, you can use the downloader application to do it.

Well, one of the recommended applications is IGSAVE. You can find this application on your iOS device’s AppStore.

If you want to know how to download Instagram videos through the IGSAVE application, let’s just check out the following way.

  • Install the IGSAVE application through the App Store on your iPhone. This application is free, guys.
  • Open the application. Then log in using your Instagram account.
  • Instagram video that you want to download. Maybe at the beginning of the appearance you will feel strange, but eventually you will get used to it.
  • If you have found a video, select “Save to Gallery”.

Then the IGSAVE application will automatically download the video, and save it on your device. That’s how to download Instagram videos through the IGSAVE application. Easy and easy guys?

Besides IGSAVE, there are also other applications that you can use to download IG videos on the iPhone.

Here are some other applications that we recommend for you to use when downloading IG videos via iPhone.

  • Quickly Repost for Instagram
  • Repost and Save for Instagram
  • SaveInstant


Well, that’s how to download IG videos quickly and easily. There are so many ways, guys? And of course it’s easy? Of course these methods also have advantages and disadvantages yes. For example if you download via smartphone, it is more efficient and easy to use anywhere.

While if you use a PC, you can only use it in place. Can not be carried anywhere. In your opinion, where is the easiest way to download IG videos? PC? Android? or iPhone? Write it in the comments column.


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