This is our closest look yet at Apple’s Project Titan car tech

This is our closest look yet at Apple’s Project Titan car tech.


Apple has been working hard on self-employed technology for some time, but we always get to know the company is called Titan.

This is the reason for Materialistic Ha gen, who is another founder of travel automobile manufacturer Twit from a small video from Apple’s higher-end hardware to Lexus SUV.

Tim Cook said that Apple is paying more attention to AI’s free-driving technology, rather than starting to work with the iPhone with the iPhone’s built-in iPhone.


It describes why the project seems to be bad for titanium. According to Hegigin, the large ceiling format is likely to be the largest portion of the stand, as it often differs from the same protocol cars that normally place the device on the pages.

When all the sensors stay together, the radar and independent equipment provide a large part of the equipment that is potentially portable.

Removing all removable technology on the removable ceiling rack, the current song has less control over the titanium project.

During the test, this module is useful for Apple, as it allows technology to switch between fast and easy-to-test devices, but if this model continues to use its output power, it can be very useful to the consumer.

This means that Apple’s own technology can fit different trains and can be branded for the Titania brand, which does not mean that it needs to be developed in its built-in systems.

Make sure you can not avoid access to low bridges or parking lots.

Via TechCrunch
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